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Industry 4.0 and The Connected Enterprise Boost Austrian Economy

The auditing firm Deloitte ranked Austria out of its top 20 in its latest comparison of the best international business locations, entitled “Deloitte.Radar 2015,” confirming that Austria has lost a little momentum recently.

However, a notably positive point is that the auditors ranked Austria as “good” in terms of the “innovation, research and development” factors, with four out of a possible five points. That suggests that we’re on the right track with our current technological approach and developments. With new technologies and the concept of The Connected Enterprise, Rockwell Automation supports both local and international companies in the development and implementation of modern industrial solutions, helping them to increase their competitive edge.

The buzzword Industry 4.0 is having an increasing influence on discussions about the future of work and business. The concept envisions the ability of machines and production lines to organise themselves almost autonomously with computer, data network and communications technologies. Products can be created automatically and exactly how customers want them. Companies can optimise working processes, which will help them to reduce costs.

The Austrian economic system includes a significant production element, as almost 20 percent of its economic performance comes from the manufacturing sector. This puts Austria five points above the EU average. However, its competitiveness is slowly decreasing in comparison with other countries, because many companies here hesitate to implement new high-tech solutions – especially in manufacturing.

Low costs, a fast production tempo and flexibility are all important factors in production. Companies need to keep pace with new technologies in order to achieve these goals. Industry 4.0 equips each production stage in the intelligent factory in such a way that it can plan its tasks almost autonomously, while continuously coordinating itself with the other production units. All the machines communicate with each other, ensuring that processes are carried out rapidly and are optimised from start to finish.

With our automation solutions, we support companies across all industries in their efforts to enable innovative production and optimised manufacturing processes – and maintain their position on a competitive international market.

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