Safety Automation Builder

Software Tool Streamlines Safety System Development

Safety Automation Builder

Safety Automation Builder® is a Free software tool that is designed to help simplify machine safety system design and validation.

Design Your Safety System

Safety Automation Builder streamlines safety system design, which helps improve compliance and reduce costs, and guides you through the development of your safety system. This guidance includes safety system layout, product selection, and safety analysis to help you meet machine safety Performance Level (PL) requirements as outlined by global standard (EN) ISO 13849-1.

Integration with RASWin Risk Assessment Software* helps you manage your progression through the functional safety lifecycle, and organizes information from each step of the process and machine validation. RASWin links the steps of the safety lifecycle to avoid systematic failures that include:

  • Safety function specifications
  • Performance Level requirements (PLr) assignment and PLr calculation
  • Safety circuit validation
  • Documentation

RASWin software requires an annual subscription fee.

Download Safety Automation Builder

Safety Automation Builder is Free for you to download. Features of this tool include the ability to:

  • Import machine drawings for use in the design process
  • Create zones, control panels, and hazards
  • Identify guarding locations and access points
  • Select safety-rated hardware that includes input, logic, and output devices to help maintain compliance and Performance Level
  • Design verification
  • Creation of SISTEMA export files
  • Create concise reports
  • Generate bill of materials (BOM)

SISTEMA Performance Level Calculator

The SISTEMA tool automates calculation of the attained Performance Level from the safety-related parts of a machine control system. Data for our machine safety products is now available in the form of a library file to be used with the SISTEMA calculation tool. The combination of the two saves time and provides comprehensive support for safety evaluation to (EN) ISO 13849-1 for machine and system designers.

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