Independent Cart Technology

There’s a Better Way to Move with MagneMotion and iTRAK Technology

Independent Cart Technology

Independent cart technology is a new approach to linear motors. Traditional conveyors rely on gears, chains and belts. Independent cart technology uses magnets to precisely control motion with frictionless propulsion! The result is fewer parts to worry about, reduced energy consumption and the ability to quickly start and stop loads without losing control or putting wear on parts.

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Flexible Design and Quick Change

Customers want more options and customized products. To accommodate the demand, machines need to be flexible and easy to change over. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered. Curved or straight sections of track can be combined in endless combinations to suite your design and space requirements. And once it’s built, changeovers can be as simple as selecting a different software-configured move profile.

Reduce bottlenecks and increase output: Each cart in the system is its own intelligently controlled axis of motion. That means that the carts can speed up or slow down based on where other carts are in the system. The system also tracks what each cart is moving, so there’s no need to slow down for sortation. The result? Fewer bottlenecks and increased output.

Whether you're moving material within a single machine or from one end of your facility to the other, independent cart technology can help you do it better. All our motors and carts are IP65-rated or higher and modular which make them a great choice for a wide range of applications. They can be purchased as a customized, fully assembled unit, as individual components or as a mix of custom and standard parts so you always get just what you need.

Learn more about our iTRAK and MagneMotion® families of independent carts.

How Can Independing Cart Technology Help You?

Industry Solutions

Globalization and intense competition require manufacturing and industrial operations to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, delivering products of repeatable quality, that are customized to meet demand.


To stay ahead in automotive manufacturing, you need agility, precision control of processes and certainty built into your production lines. Our solutions help you to move your automation to the next level.

Our modular, intelligent conveyor systems give you the ability to assemble multiple car models on the same line, speeding cycle times and reducing costs all while giving car buyers the customizations they demand.

Food & Beverage

Success in food and beverage today only comes with closely-maintained product quality and consistency, along with flexibility. More flexibility, more options based on profile changes.

Our intelligent conveyor systems help you to increase throughput and efficiency at a lower cost of ownership than conventional automation systems.

Household & Personal Care

Products and packaging are becoming more customized to meet changing consumer demands. At the same time, there’s the need to maintain or increase throughput and sustainability of production.

Our intelligent conveyor systems give you the edge you need in the household and personal care sector, enabling you to achieve faster product development and time to market as an agile, efficient producer.

In the plant or production environment, this means that equipment has to be modern, data-rich, fast and simple to operate. When it comes to transporting and positioning loads, MagneMotion has the answer.

Life Sciences

Intense competition and higher production demands put pressure on life sciences manufacturers. Intelligent conveyor systems help to simplify serialization to better track the quality of every item that goes through your line.

Independent cart technology makes it easier to move small, light loads. The system is also cleaner than traditional conveyors. Fewer moving pieces and frictionless design mean less particle accumulation.   Additionally, MagneMover LITE is a dry system, so you don’t have to worry about mess from lubricating equipment.

Material Handling

Our independent cart technology can significantly improve material handling. Each cart moves independently, accurately and can support a wide weight range. Enabling track and trace in the system helps with sortation, lets you know where each package is at all times, and can be used to priority route something. You’ll also see throughput improvements. Independent cart’s frictionless design allows for faster acceleration and breaking. Line density is also increased by minimizing the space between each package.

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