CENTERLINE 1500 Medium Voltage MCCs

Our CENTERLINE® 1500 Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs) are available in various control formats that include arc resistant product designs. Controller options include full-voltage, reversing, reduced-voltage, solid-state reduced-voltage, multi-speed, and synchronous control. These controllers include load break switches that provide integrated intelligence and the lowest-cost solution for starting motor applications.

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  • Provides arc vent on the cabinet roof, to safely exhaust arc flash energy overhead (meeting IEEE C37.20.7, Type 2B)
  • Includes three isolated compartments: power bus, low voltage, and power cell
  • Provides reinforced large swing-out low voltage panel sealed to prevent entry of arc flash material
  • Offers Type 2B accessibility
  • Includes isolation switch with visible indication that the power cell is not energized
  • Includes CENTERLINE® horizontal power bus with removable cover plates for accessibility
  • Provides reinforced cabinet and power cell doors, including a robust power cell door closure mechanism to contain arc flash material at faults up to 40 kA, 0.5 seconds

CENTERLINE 1500 with ArcShield Technology

  • Helps to reduce arc flash hazards
  • Provides increased protection against internal electrical arcing faults
  • Provides arc resistance to 40 kA or 50 kA per C37.20.7

CENTERLINE 1500 with IntelliCENTER Technology

  • Provides remote access to data to minimize the need to approach the MCC
  • Uses EtherNet/IP networks to provide enhanced integration between the plant floor and corporate operations

Additional Information

Medium Voltage MCC Packaged Solutions

Choose from a variety of standard packaged solutions that are pre-engineered to streamline your acquisition process. These solutions will help simplify delivery and installation and help ease repeat orders and inventory.

Select drive, enclosure type, and power options.


  • ANSI
  • IEEE
  • NEC
  • OSHA
  • IEEE 519-2004
  • IEEE C37.20.7, Type 2B
  • NEMA
  • UL
  • European Directives for Safety and EMC
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Resource Publication Number Language
CENTERLINE 1500 Motor Control Centers Brochure 1500-BR003
Medium Voltage Controllers Selection Guide 1500-SG001
CENTERLINE 1500 Motor Control Center with IntelliCENTER Technology Using an EtherNet/IP Network 1500-TD001
Typical Factory Test Procedures for Medium Voltage Products Technical Data 1500-TD220
DeviceNet MV Controllers Installation Instructions 1500-IN057
Medium Voltage Motor Controllers Specification Guide 1500-SR020
Medium Voltage Controllers, 400A One-High Cabinet, Standard and Arc-Resistant Enclosure User Manual 1512A-UM100
CENTERLINE 600 A One-High Cabinet, Standard and Arc-Resistant Enclosure User Manual 1512A-UM101
Medium Voltage Controllers Bulletin 1512A 800 A One-High Cabinet Standard and Arc Resistant Enclosure 1512A-UM102
Medium Voltage Controllers, 200/400A Two-High Cabinet, Standard and Arc-Resistant Enclosures User Manual 1500-UM055
SyncPro IIB Brush-type Synchronous Motor Field Application and Protection System User Manual 1902-UM001
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