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Batch Control to Meet Your Unique Production Needs

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You depend on your batch operations for flexibility and performance that can be tailored to meet your specific business and production goals. We understand that quality, delivery and, most of all, responsiveness can be your competitive advantage. Our batch control solutions provide a flexible control environment to help you meet your demands for increased production and improved yields.

Meet Your Diverse Batch Needs

Each producer has diverse batch processing needs from simple, single-vessel, single-product production to complex.

We understand that each need requires a flexible, reliable method. Our solutions can help you manage recipes and workflows and provide access to critical production information. This helps you make better-informed business decisions.

Modern Batch Delivers Value

Meet your operational challenges, address changes in customer demands, and drive operational improvements with a system that is easy to use. Leverage information and system features to:

  • Reduce waste and energy
  • Improve yield
  • Optimize consumption of materials
  • Enable fast and efficient product changeover
  • Drive quality improvements

Leverage Industry Accepted Standards

We provide batch solutions that deliver the core capabilities of an ISA-88 standards-based structure along with:

  • Scalable and distributed topologies
  • Intuitive operations
  • Features that drive compliance in regulated industries
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Batch Control Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Scalable and Distributed Batch

Our scalable offering of solutions results in more productive operations by lowering the engineering and maintenance costs.

Integration of the batch management system with local skids and controllers that use a distributed ISA-88 provides:

  • Increased response and reliability of system
  • Flexible configuration of equipment
  • Higher throughput

Intuitive Operations

Modern interfaces, workflows, and accessibility features enable:

  • Operators to focus on production needs
  • Flexible yet secured access to the system
  • Adoption of a batch system that requires manual additions, material tracking, and version control of recipes

Compliance for Regulated Industries

System capabilities have been designed with input from end-users in highly regulated industries to:

  • Integrate tightly with industry standards
  • Support system-wide security
  • Provide traceability functions

Basic Batch Management

Reduce Development Time with Fast Sequence Execution

Not every application requires comprehensive and complex batch management and control. We have solutions that satisfy basic controller-based strategies.

These solutions deliver fast, reliable sequence execution in the controller while reducing infrastructure costs for standalone units and complete skid-based system functionality.


  • Enables consistent, repeatable batch execution
  • Achieves agile manufacturing for rapid introduction of new products
  • Uses rich reporting features to achieve regulatory compliance
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Comprehensive Batch Management

Improve Quality, Increase Production, and Streamline Processes

Many applications require coordination of multiple units or have unique regulatory needs. Our solutions solve complex requirements around traceability, recording, and manual interventions.

The use of modular software components help ensure the system is properly scaled for your operations.


  • Enables consistent repeatable batch execution.
  • Provides capability for systems through modular software components
  • Optimizes product changes and turnovers
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