Sustainable Customers

Building the Future of Industry and Expanding Human Possibility Together

Sustainable Customers

Everything we do for our customers is about increasing efficiency, reducing energy usage, improving worker safety, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Because we understand the challenges our customers face in their manufacturing and production environments, we are becoming an increasingly important partner in their environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Leading Product Offerings

Our solutions help our customers achieve greater efficiencies for themselves and meet their own sustainability goals.

Improve Worker Safety

With unrivaled credentials in automation and safety, we support our customers as theydevelop more efficient, safer, and more productive manufacturing . solutions

Reduce Business Risk

We help our customers incorporate industrial risk management into their Connected Enterprise strategy to protect both their assets and their brand.

Reduce Energy Consumption

We help manufacturers make the most of their energy resources through a comprehensive approach to control- and information-driven plant- wide energy optimization.

Reduce Waste

Our technology helps customers improve productivity at a lower cost, while at the same time benefiting the environment.

Improve Quality of Goods and Foods

Our software helps our customers achieve operational excellence, increase the effectiveness of their supply chain, adhere to regulatory compliance guidelines, and meet their sustainability goals.

Facilitating Positive Outcomes: Edesia

Edesia, a Rhode Island-based nonprofit, sought our help in its work to combat malnutrition around the world. Eager for faster, more efficient manufacturing, we created state-of-the-art automated processes for Edesia that helped the organization feed significantly more people. In 2019 alone, Edesia saw a 20% increase in manufacturing capacity.