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Downloading Sample Code

When downloading code from the Rockwell Automation Sample Code website, please keep the following in mind:


  • See the "Search Tips" link for help in searching the site.
  • If you have questions or need assistance with a search, you can contact us at RASampleCode@ra.rockwell.com.
  • Click on Additional Information for more details about the sample code.
  • If a code is designated "RA Preferred code", it has been tested with RA products and is supported by RA Technical Support. Contact Technical Support or the Technical Support Knowledgebase for details. For other sample codes, the Rockwell Automation Forum is an available resource accessible from the Tech Support web page.


Feel free to rate or review on the sample code using the "Submit" link.


Posting Sample Code

When posting code to the Rockwell Automation Sample Code website, please keep the following in mind


  • The section of code that you post must be "complete". It must be a working unit. Do not post snippets so small that they are not useful without contacting you directly. For example, a section of code that shows how to convert a decimal number to IEEE binary floating point would be acceptable. Another example is an RSLogix 5000 UDT for a PowerFlex drive on DeviceNet.
  • All files should be placed into one file in a "Zip" file format.
  • In the description field post the software versions/firmware versions for all the applicable components. This is a big help to users.
  • In the description field, if you wish, you may post contact information, such as name, company name, email or phone number.
  • This web site is not intended to replace Technical Support, product fixes or product workarounds. Rockwell Automation has support sites specifically for that purpose. This site is intended to allow you to share sections of code that you think other users might find helpful.
  • No profanity, degrading remarks, etc.
  • Do not use RSLogix 5000´s Routine Source Protection in the code you are posting. The user of the code needs to be able to see it and modify it.
  • After you submit code, it will not appear on the site for few days while it is given a brief review by the site manager. The code is not checked for accuracy or completeness, but it will be checked for profanity, etc.
  • If you have an existing Sample code you would like to update, you can send it to RASampleCode@ra.rockwell.com.
  • Make sure you include all files in your submission. The zipped file that you submit should include all pertinent files:
    • RSLogix 5000
    • RSView Studio
    • Drive Executive
    • RSNetWorx
    • RSSql
    • Any other pertinent file required for the application


Rating Sample Code



  • Stay on topic. Please post only messages that are relevant to the sample code selected
  • Be polite. Please refrain from posting both inappropriate language and content. Personal attacks and insults are never appropriate.
  • Use a descriptive title for your posts. This will help subsequent visitors to identify your topic. Vague subjects are often passed over by experienced users because they provide no indication as to what your topic may be.




  • Don't double-post. If you've already rated the sample code, please don’t repeat your post in order to get more attention. Repeating a post makes the list of ratings longer, and harder for users to decipher.
  • Don’t quote previous ratings. Only quote when absolutely necessary. Readers can easily view previous messages when needed.
  • No advertising or solicitation is permitted.
  • Don’t get too personal. Remember, all messages are public and will be viewed by many others. Your post is indexed by search engines and posting personal information such as email addresses and/or contact information may result in unwanted contact and/or email, so be selective.


 Rockwell Automation reserves the right to delete messages that do not follow these guidelines