Power Terminal Blocks

Our Power Terminal Blocks feature terminal identification options. We provide mounting dimensions with each unit and label wire ranges and tightening torques on the product to simplify installation. You can select from five styles of power terminal blocks including mini, open-style power distribution, open-style feed-through/splicer, enclosed power distribution, and UL 1953 Listed power distribution.

Bulletin 1492 Enclosed Power Terminal Blocks

1492 Enclosed

Bulletin 1492 Enclosed Power Terminal Blocks offer numerous connector configurations and IP20 protection from the front.

Bulletin 1492 High Fault SCCR Power Terminal Blocks

1492 High-Fault

Bulletin 1492 High-fault SCCR Power Terminal Blocks with feeder spacing are available in numerous connector configurations. The have hinged covers that allow easier access and better protection from accidental contact.

Bulletin 1492 Open-Style Power Terminal Blocks

1492 Open-Style

Bulletin 1492 Open-style Power Terminal Blocks distribute power to multiple loads. Feed-through and splicer blocks allow easier connection of field wiring to a cabinet. Our miniature block version provides high current carrying capacity in a small package to help save on panel space.

Bulletin 1492 Power Distribution Terminal Blocks

1492 Power Distribution

Bulletin 1492 Power Distribution Terminal Blocks use standard cross connections to allow power distribution to any number of terminals. Left-, right- and middle-feed configurations are possible.