NEMA Terminal Blocks

NEMA Terminal Blocks offer easy wiring with standard size screwdrivers, easy visual verification of proper wire position and easy marking. Most of our NEMA blocks are available pre-assembled on a breakaway-mounting channel, complete with one end anchor, retaining clip and one end barrier. We offer four types of NEMA Terminal Blocks: open construction, voltage-indicating, fuse, and isolation switch.

Bulletin 1492-H NEMA Fuse Terminal Blocks

1492 Fuse

Bulletin 1492 Fuse Terminal Blocks provide a simple way to add overcurrent protection into a circuit. The status indicator lights when the fuse is blown, helping to speed troubleshooting. The GMT-type fuse block has a visual alarm flag that also acts as an output contact for an electrical signal when the fuse is blown.

Bulletin 1492 NEMA Isolation Switch Terminal Blocks

1492 Isolation Switch

Bulletin 1492 Isolation Switch Terminal Blocks provide positive electrical circuit isolation. They are available in open and high-density styles.

Bulletin 1492-F Open Construction NEMA Terminal Blocks

1492 Open Construction

Bulletin 1492 Open Construction Terminal Blocks (Styles C and F) provide visual verification that the wire is properly positioned in the clamping area. You can use a standard screwdriver for wiring the blocks. Styles C and F blocks mount more securely on Allen-Bradley® rail; some also mount on DIN rail. Several Style C blocks accept snap-on markers for marking long wire identifications.

Bulletin 1492-HM2V NEMA Voltage-indicating Terminal Blocks

1492 Voltage-indicating

Our Bulletin 1492 NEMA Voltage-indicating Terminal Blocks provide visual voltage indication across the upper and lower terminals.