Marking Systems

We offer two marking solutions for your industrial equipment, wires, and terminal blocks. The ClearMultiprint™ marking system is designed for many types of users that require high speed printing, no drying time, and a compact footprint. The ClearPlot™ marking system is robust and flexible enough to allow partial marking on cards or up to three cards at a time for low to medium volume users.

Bulletin 1492 ClearPlot Marking System

ClearPlot Marking System

Our Bulletin 1492 ClearPlot™ marking system is an X-Y plotter that provides a flexible marking tool for our terminal blocks in a compact design. The pen-based system provides durable marking on a variety of materials.


Bulletin 1492 ClearMultiprint Marking System

ClearMultiprint Marking System

Our Bulletin 1492 ClearMultiprint™ marking system marks terminal block tags, heat shrink, self-laminating wire, and adhesive labels for use on terminal blocks, wires, cables, and other industrial components.