Surge Protectors & Filters

Surge Protectors and Filters meet the needs of industrial surge and filter protection requirements. Our surge protectors and filters protect motor drives, contactors, capacitor bank switching and more. They mount to a DIN rail or panel.

Bulletin 4983-DC DIN Rail Surge Protector & Filters

4983-DC Surge Protector & Filters

Bulletin 4983-DC DIN Rail Filter and Surge Protective Device is the combination of a filter and a surge protective device. This device provides transient and noise protection in one small package.

Bulletin 4983-DD DIN Rail Dataline Surge Protectors

4983-DD Dataline Surge Protectors

Bulletin 4983-DD DIN Rail Dataline Surge Protective Devices protect industrial communication networks. These devices use a combination of 3-electrode gas discharge tubes and fast-clamping diodes.

Bulletin 4983-DH DIN Rail Heavy Duty AC Surge Protective Devices

4983-DH Heavy Duty Surge Protectors

Bulletin 4983-DH Heavy-Duty AC Surge Protector combines a high-energy varistor (MOV) network with a gas discharge tube to increase performance in protection level, life duration, and suppression of leakage current. It is connected in parallel and can be located in the feeder circuit.

Bulletin 4983-DS DIN Rail AC Surge Protectors

4983-DS Surge Protectors

Bulletin 4983-DS DIN Rail AC Surge Protective Devices are connected in parallel and use an MOV to clamp high-voltage surges. These devices are primarily used in the main electrical panel for the protection of 1- and 3-phase systems.

Bulletin 4983-PF Panel Mount Filters

4983-PF Panel Mount Filters

Bulletin 4983-PF Panel Mount Filters provide noise protection. They monitor and clean the wave of high frequency noise disturbances that can cause premature aging.