Specialty Series Photoelectric Sensors

We offer a full line of Specialty Series Photoelectric Sensors that use multiple sensing technologies to solve your toughest applications.

Bulletin 42DR Series 5000 Modular Photoelectric Sensors

42DR Series 5000 Modular

Series 5000 Modular Photoelectric Sensors consist of two major components: a photohead and a power base. The photohead that houses most of the electronics can be quickly removed from the power base with a turn of a single screw. If an application changes, a switch to one of several other Series 5000 sensing modes is quick and easy—no rewiring or realignment. Six product families within the PHOTOSWITCH® Series 5000 product line can solve many difficult industrial photoelectric applications.

Bulletin 42GR Series 9000 Diagnostic  Photoelectric Sensors

42GR Series 9000 Diagnostic

Series 9000™ Diagnostic Photoelectric Sensors provide both a visual and electrical indication of a dirty lens condition. This is useful in applications where dirt and dust build-up on the optic lens is expected. You can operate the sensor in static mode or dynamic mode. The static mode of operation is for Web applications where you need an immediate indication of an unstable sensing condition. This condition occurs when the margin level is greater than 0.7X and less than 1.5X.

Bulletin 42RL Series 4000B Long-Range Photoelectric Sensors

42RL Series 4000B Long-Range

Series 4000B Long-range Photoelectric Sensors are full size, self-contained sensors that operate in a wide range of industrial applications. A wide selection of plug-in timing modules including ON and OFF delay, one-shot, delayed one-shot, motion detector and counting module increase the application solving capability.

Bulletin 42SR Series 6000 Compact Photoelectric Sensors

42SR Series 6000 Compact

Series 6000 Compact Photoelectric Sensors provide reliable general purpose sensing in a compact package. This series features a four-turn sensitivity adjustment potentiometer and high speed DC models as fast as 0.2 ms. They are also suitable for very low temperatures to -40 °C.

Bulletin 60-GR Series 9000 Gate Entry Photoelectric Sensors

60-GR Series 9000 Gate Entry

Series 9000™ Gate Entry Photoelectric Sensors are UL 325 recognized and UL 508 listed solutions for non-contact detection of vehicles in automatic access control (gate entry) applications. These sensors are available individually or as bundled kits.