Hinge Interlock Switches

Our Hinge Interlock Switches, when triggered, will close specific normally open (accessible) doors or guards.

Bulletin 440H Ensign 3 Hinge Interlock Switches

440H Ensign 3

The Ensign 3 Hinge Interlock Switches are hinge-actuated safety interlock switches that fit at the hinge point of guards. With a rotatable head, the versatile Ensign 3 offers up to four mounting options.

Bulletin 440H Rotacam Heavy-duty Hinge Interlock Switches

440H Rotacam Heavy-duty

The Rotacam™ Heavy-duty Hinge Interlock Switches are hinge-actuated safety interlock switches. They connect to the existing hinge pin for direct operation of the switch. Machine power is isolated when the guard has been opened just 5 degrees. For applications requiring a larger degree of operation, the internal cam can be adjusted from 5…11 degrees.

Bulletin 440H Sprite Miniature Hinge Interlock Switches

440H Sprite Miniature

The Sprite Miniature Hinge Interlock Switches are hinge-actuated safety interlocks in a compact housing of only 75 x 25 x 29 mm (2.95 x 0.98 x 1.14 in.), making it one of the smallest interlocks currently available. The Sprite is designed for smaller machines such as printing machines, copiers and domestic machinery and includes the necessary safety-related functions.