Safety Interlock Switches

Our Safety Interlock Switches are a means of safeguarding that monitors the position of a guard or gate. You can use them to shut off power, control personnel access and prevent a machine from starting when the guard is open.

Guard Locking Switches

Guard Locking Switches

Our Guard Locking Switches protect hazardous areas where a danger is not immediately removed after a stop request. On many machines, removing power to the motor or actuator will not immediately stop the dangerous motion. Typical applications are high inertia rotating machines, fast rotating machines, and machines where high pressure needs to be released from pneumatic valves.

Hinge Interlock Switches

Hinge Switches

Our Hinge Interlock Switches, when triggered, will close specific normally open (accessible) doors or guards.

Bulletin 442G Multifunctional Access Box

Multifunctional Access Box

Our Guardmaster® 442G Multifunctional Access Box is a unique combination of guard locking and access control. This integrated safeguarding solution is ideal for full body applications where guard doors require a higher holding force, a greater tolerance to guard door misalignment and a means for exiting the safeguarded area in an emergency. A choice of operator controls and other options offer flexibility to meet a variety of applications.

Non-contact Interlock Switches

Non-contact Interlock Switches

Our Non-contact Interlock Switches help you protect personnel and equipment. At the same time, flexibility and productivity are points that you must also consider as you design your safety system. For non-contact interlocks, no physical contact (under normal conditions) takes place between the switch and actuator.

Tongue Interlock Switches

Tongue Interlock Switches

Our Tongue Interlock Switches allow the head of the switch to rotate, offering different options on how you can operate the switch and mount it on the guard. This flexibility offers the best fit for your applications.

Trapped Key Interlock Switches

Trapped Key Switches

Our Trapped Key Interlock Switches can be configured to ensure that a predetermined sequence of events takes place or that hazards have been reduced before operators become exposed to them.