Photoelectric Laser Sensors

Laser Sensors accurately detect small targets such as weld nuts and mounting clips. They have a much longer sensing range than sensors that use standard visible red or infrared light.

Bulletin 42CM 18 mm LaserSight Photoelectric Laser Sensors

42CM 18 mm LaserSight

Bulletin 42CM 18 mm LaserSight™  Photoelectric Laser Sensors is a family of general purpose photoelectric sensors for heavy duty industrial applications. They are packaged in an industry standard 18 mm cylindrical housing. Five sensing modes include transmitted beam, diffuse, retro-reflective, polarized retro-reflective, and background suppression, so you can use these sensors in a variety of complex applications.

Bulletin 42EF LaserSight RightSight Photoelectric Laser Sensors

42EF LaserSight RightSight

Bulletin 42EF LaserSight™ RightSight™ Photoelectric Laser Sensors use eye-safe Class I visible laser light and feature the same mounting options as other products in the RightSight product line. Class I lasers require no additional safety or protective training or equipment and are safe for general purpose use.

Bulletin 42GR LaserSight 9000 Photoelectric Laser Sensors

42GR LaserSight 9000

Our Bulletin 42GR LaserSight™ 9000 Photoelectric Laser Sensors are ideal for tough sensing applications that require a longer range, when the environment is dusty or dirty, or when the object to be sensed is small. The Class I laser source provides a visible red beam for easy alignment even at these distances. Use this sensor when your application calls for precision and maximum sensing range.

Bulletin 42JS, 42JT VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

42JS/JT VisiSight

Our Bulletin 42JS and 42JT VisiSight™ Sensors offer a small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm. Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs.

Bulletin 45BPD Measurement Photoelectric Laser Sensors

45BPD Teach-In Lock-Out

Bulletin 45BPD Teach-in Measurement Photoelectric Laser Sensors are ideal for industrial applications that require reliable non-contact inspection, position and measurement. They use a Class II laser which has a visible red beam spot that simplifies alignment in small part detection and measurement applications.

Bulletin 45BRD Measurement Photoelectric Laser Sensors

45BRD Measurement

Bulletin 45BRD Measurement Photoelectric Laser Sensors are ideal for industrial applications requiring reliable non-contact inspection, positioning and measurement. They are completely self-contained in an IP67 enclosure and use a Class II laser that has a visible red beam spot to simplify alignment in small part detection and measurement applications.

Bulletin 45CPD Measurement Photoelectric Laser Sensors

45CPD Long-Range

Bulletin 45CPD Long-range Measurement Laser Sensors are ideal for several long-range, non-contact measurement applications including: error proofing, inspection, distance measurement, verifying material position, stack level, thickness measurement, roll diameter, web winding/unwinding, long standoff distance (hot or limited space), level monitoring and box width measurement.

45DMS Distance Measurement Sensors

45DMS Distance Measurement Sensors

Our Bulletin 45DMS Distance Measurement Sensors are ideal for precise distance measurement of targets and features IO-Link functionality for enhanced diagnostics and linkage to The Connected Enterprise.

Bulletin 45LMS Measurement Photoelectric Laser Sensor

45LMS Measurement

Bulletin 45LMS Laser Measurement Sensors offer an excellent mid- to long-range measurement solution. Available in three ranges, this sensor uses the Time of Flight (ToF) principle and has a relatively small beam spot, even from a distance of 50m.

Bulletin 45MLD Short-Range Photoelectric Laser Sensors

45MLD Short-Range

Bulletin 45MLD Short-range Photoelectric Laser Sensors are Class II diffuse sensors designed for the packaging, material handling and semiconductor industries. These sensors provide background suppression by triangulation, establishing a fixed focal point and suppressing anything beyond the focal point. The rotatable lens also lets you adjust the laser beam spot size at the focal point down to 0.5 mm (0.02 in.) for accurate sensing of small targets such as gap detection, chip detection and crack detection in semiconductor and packaging applications.