General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors provide reliable operation. They meet the needs of most mainstream applications in many industries such as material handling, packaging, food processing, and transportation.

Bulletin 42AF M30 30 mm High Power General Purpose Sensors

42AF 30 mm High Power

Our Bulletin 42AF RightSight™ M30 30 mm High Power General Purpose Sensors offer high performance sensing in a robust, easy to install, and flexible mounting package. These sensors are ideal for applications where simplified maintenance is required. RightSight™ M30 sensors can be mounted against a surface with a 30 mm nose mount. Or it can be installed using the threaded 18 mm base mounting option.

Bulletin 42CA 18 mm Plastic Cylindrical General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

42CA 18 mm Plastic

Bulletin 42CA 18 mm Plastic Cylindrical General Purpose Sensors are ideal for light- to medium-duty industrial applications. These sensors flash an indicator if the signal level is too close to the detection threshold. This helps you align the sensor and warns against detection of a background or degradation of the application characteristics.

Bulletin 42CF 12 mm Metal Cylindrical General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

42CF 12 mm Metal

Our Bulletin 42CF 12 mm Metal Cylindrical General Purpose Sensors are housed in a rugged cylindrical package. These sensors are available in three sensing modes: transmitted beam, diffuse, and polarized retro-reflective. The 100 mm and 300 mm diffuse versions feature remote and local teach options that automatically adjust the sensor for optimal performance based on the application characteristics.

Bulletin 42CM 18 mm Metal Cylindrical General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

42CM 18 mm Metal

Bulletin 42CM 18mm Metal Cylindrical General Purpose Sensors are intended for heavy duty industrial applications requiring an industry standard 18 mm cylindrical housing. Five possible modes of sensing include transmitted beam, diffuse, retro-reflective, polarized retro-reflective, and background suppression, allowing the 42CM to be used in a variety of complex applications. Outputs are short-circuit protected to provide continuous operation even under unexpected conditions.

Bulletin 42CS Stainless Steel Cylindrical General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

42CS Stainless Steel

Bulletin 42CS Stainless Steel Cylindrical Sensors are available in a wide range of sensing modes and threaded models. They are ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. An innovative teach feature simplifies setup—just place a ferromagnetic metal object on a section of the sensor housing to initiate the teach process. The smooth, clean design minimizes the collection and accumulation of undesired particles allowing for a fast and easy clean up.

Bulletin 42EF RightSight General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

42EF RightSight

Our Bulletin 42EF RightSight™ General Purpose Sensors are designed for light- to medium-level industrial use. These sensors take many of the features of larger solutions and puts them in a smaller, more adaptable package to deliver excellent detection capabilities where size and shape matter.

Bulletin 42G Series 9000 General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

42G Series 9000

Series 9000™ General Purpose Sensors offer many features that help keep you up and running, even in harsh environments. With nearly 300 configurations to choose from—including multiple supply-voltage ranges, output options and connection choices—Series 9000 sensors provide the versatility needed to easily interface with programmable controllers and other electrical loads.

Bulletin 42JS, 42JT VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

42JS/JT VisiSight

Our Bulletin 42JS and 42JT VisiSight™ Sensors offer a small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm. Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs.

Bulletin 42KL MiniSight General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors

42KL MiniSight

Bulletin 42KL Minisight™ General Purpose Sensors are an exact match for one of the industry's most popular form factors, and have many additional features. They have a more robust housing that withstands repeated high-pressure washdowns, plus multiple status indicators for power, output and margin. If you are already using this common housing style, you will not have to make changes to upgrade to Minisight.