Clear Object Detection

Our ClearSight™ Clear Object Detection photoelectric sensors address the three biggest challenges to the sensor: contrast, shape variations and wet environments. Our sensors provide reliable detection of clear materials such as glass and plastic bottles or films.

Bulletin 42EF ClearSight RightSight Clear Object Detection Photoelectric Sensors

42EF ClearSight RightSight

ClearSight™ RightSight™ Clear Object Detection sensors have a modified optical system for improved detection of clear objects such as plastic bottles. They are available in either low voltage 24V DC models or universal 24V DC/120V AC or 220V AC models.

Bulletin 42G ClearSight 9000 Clear Object Detection Sensors

42G ClearSight 9000

For clear object detection, innovative optics make the ClearSight™ 9000 Clear Object Detection Sensors a superior solution. Coaxial optics and circular polarization maximize the contrast achievable with clear objects, increasing reliability and productivity.

Bulletin 42JS, 42JT VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

42JS/JT VisiSight

Our Bulletin 42JS and 42JT VisiSight™ Sensors offer a small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm. Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs.

Bulletin 873E Clear Object Ultrasonic Sensors

873E Clear Object

Bulletin 873E RightSound™ Clear Object Ultrasonic Sensors are opposed-mode sensors consisting of an emitter and a receiver. The receiver is microprocessor-based and provides advanced temperature stability and noise immunity. The emitter volume control adjusts the volume for the sensing distance and other variables of your application.