Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors

Our Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors are designed for applications requiring the sensor to see a target very close to a reflective background. This background suppression is particularly effective when the target and background have similar reflectivity (for example, light returned to the sensor from the target is roughly equal to the light reflecting from the background) or when dark targets are to be sensed against a lighter, more reflective background.

Bulletin 42AF M30 30 mm High Power General Purpose Sensors

42AF 30 mm High Power

Our Bulletin 42AF RightSight™ M30 30 mm High Power General Purpose Sensors offer high performance sensing in a robust, easy to install, and flexible mounting package. These sensors are ideal for applications where simplified maintenance is required. RightSight™ M30 sensors can be mounted against a surface with a 30 mm nose mount. Or it can be installed using the threaded 18 mm base mounting option.

Bulletin 42BA Short-Range Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors

42BA Short-Range

Bulletin 42BA Short-range Background Suppression Sensors offer high background suppression performance at sensing ranges up to 200 mm (8 in.). This type of sensing capability is desirable in applications where a shiny background is present or where there is no easy access for using a reflector.

Bulletin 42BC Long-Range Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors

42BC AC & DC Long-Range

Bulletin 42BC Long-range Background Suppression Sensors offer high background suppression performance at sensing ranges up to 2 m (6.6 ft). This sensing capability fits applications where standard transmitted beam or retro-reflective sensing is not practical due to lack of easy access to both sides of the target or when economics is a major factor.

Bulletin 42BT Long-Range Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors

42BT DC Long-Range

Bulletin 42BT Long-range Background Suppression Sensors come in a robust, compact package. Two adjustable sensing ranges are available in separate models for both 1 m or 2 m maximum sensing distances. These sensors are ideal for mounting on a conveyor line or vibratory bowl feeder.

Bulletin 42EF ClearSight RightSight Clear Object Detection Photoelectric Sensors

42EF ClearSight RightSight

ClearSight™ RightSight™ Clear Object Detection sensors have a modified optical system for improved detection of clear objects such as plastic bottles. They are available in either low voltage 24V DC models or universal 24V DC/120V AC or 220V AC models.

Bulletin 42JS, 42JT VisiSight Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

42JS/JT VisiSight

Our Bulletin 42JS and 42JT VisiSight™ Sensors offer a small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm. Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs.

Bulletin 44B Short-Range Background & Foreground Suppression Photoelectric Sensors

44B Short-Range Background & Foreground Suppression

Rockwell Automation announces that as of April 2017, the Bulletin 44B Short-Range Background & Foreground Suppression Sensors will be discontinued and no longer available for sale. Customers are encouraged to migrate to the 42JT VisiSight™ Miniature Photoelectric Sensors.

Bulletin 45MLD Short-Range Photoelectric Laser Sensors

45MLD Short-Range

Bulletin 45MLD Short-range Photoelectric Laser Sensors are Class II diffuse sensors designed for the packaging, material handling and semiconductor industries. These sensors provide background suppression by triangulation, establishing a fixed focal point and suppressing anything beyond the focal point. The rotatable lens also lets you adjust the laser beam spot size at the focal point down to 0.5 mm (0.02 in.) for accurate sensing of small targets such as gap detection, chip detection and crack detection in semiconductor and packaging applications.