Safety Motor Control

Our Safety Motor Control products help reduce the risks associated with the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment. The CENTERLINE® ArcShield™ Arc-Resistant controller, and CENTERLINE 2500 and 2100 with ArcShield Motor Control Centers, provide rugged process control for applications requiring a higher level of personnel protection. Our ArmorStart® safety line of distributed motor controllers achieves Category 4 safety functionality while providing a safety solution integrated into your DeviceNet™ On-Machine™ safety installation. Our IEC safety contactors and control relays help protect personnel from unintended machine starts and loss of the safety function. The ElectroGuard® Safety Isolation system simplifies operator lockout/tagout procedures to help improve compliance and productivity.

Low Voltage Motor Control Centers with ArcShield

Motor Control Centers, Low Voltage with ArcShield

Our CENTERLINE® Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs) offer a rugged, high performance packaging solution for all your motor control needs, providing the advantages you need in your competitive environment. Our CENTERLINE MCCs are designed to meet your global needs.

Medium Voltage Motor Controllers with ArcShield

Motor Controllers, Medium Voltage with ArcShield

Of all the motors in your manufacturing process, medium voltage motors can have a large impact on your continued success. Developing medium voltage motor control and protection has been a core discipline for Rockwell Automation® for more than 70 years.  Choose from our CENTERLINE® or OneGear™ product lines to meet your global needs.

IEC Safety Contactors

Safety Contactors

Our Bulletin 100S/104S IEC Safety Contactors provide mechanically linked, or mirror contact performance up to 750 A, which are required in feedback circuits for modern safety applications. Our Bulletin 100S Safety Contactors provide safe isolation of hazardous motion loads, using mirror contact performance. Mirror contacts provide reliable indication about the open or closed status of the main power poles.