Safety Motion Control

Our Safety Servo Drive products are designed to help minimize downtime and reduce energy and production waste while helping improve machine operating efficiencies. The Kinetix® 300, 6000, 6200, 6500 and 7000 all feature built-in safety functionality. With Safe Torque-Off, a drive output is disabled to remove motor torque without removing power from the entire machine. Safe Speed Monitoring permits you to reduce and monitor the speed of your application to help allow an operator to safely perform some types of work without completely stopping the machine.

Bulletin 2097 Kinetix 300 EtherNet/IP Indexing Servo Drives

Kinetix 300 EtherNet/IP Indexing Drives

Our Bulletin 2097 Kinetix® 300 EtherNet/IP™ Indexing Servo Drives let you standardize on a single communication network for easier commissioning, configuration, and startup. Integrate your entire control solution over EtherNet/IP-including HMI, controllers, I/O and motion-while maintaining reliable, high-speed connectivity.

Bulletin 2097 Kinetix 350 Single-axis Ethernet/IP Servo Drives

Kinetix 350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP

Our Bulletin 2097 Kinetix® 350 Single-axis EtherNet/IP™ Servo Drives provide scalability of integrated motion. Leveraging a single network, EtherNet/IP simplifies the integration of the entire system including HMI, programmable automation controller, I/O, and motion.

Bulletin 2198 Kinetix 5500 EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

Kinetix 5500 EtherNet/IP

Bulletin 2198 Kinetix® 5500 Servo Drives connect to and operate with CompactLogix™ 5370 controllers, supporting Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™. With its innovative, compact design, the Kinetix 5500 drive helps minimize machine footprint and simplifies system wiring. In addition, the dual-port Ethernet allows for both line and Device Level Ring (DLR) topologies.

Bulletin 2198 Kinetix 5700 EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

Kinetix 5700 EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

Our Bulletin 2198 Kinetix® 5700 Servo Drives help expand the value of integrated motion on EtherNet/IP to large custom machine builder applications. The Kinetix 5700 servo drive can help reduce commissioning time and improve machine performance. It offers the simplicity, power, and space savings you need to help get your machine up and running faster.

Bulletin 2094 Kinetix 6000 Multi-axis Servo Drives

Kinetix 6000 Multi-axis

Our Bulletin 2094 Kinetix® 6000 Multi-axis Servo Drives help improve system performance while saving time and money. This drive is designed to help make wiring, programming, operation and diagnostics faster and easier. It can also assist you in decreasing engineering and installation time while adding flexibility for demanding motion applications. Our drive handles global voltage requirements.

Bulletin 2094 Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems

Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive-motor Systems

Rockwell Automation announces that our Bulletin 2094 Kinetix® 6000M Integrated Drive-motor systems are discontinued and no longer available for sale.

Bulletin 2094 Kinetix 6200 Safe-speed Modular Servo Drives

Kinetix 6200 Safe-speed Modular

Our Bulletin 2094 Kinetix® 6200 Servo Drives bring safety options and flexible modular design to the multi-axis Kinetix 6000 servo drive family. Axes can transition from safe-off to safe-speed functionality, and from SERCOS interface to EtherNet/IP networks. The Kinetix 6200 SERCOS interface drive is compatible with the existing Kinetix 6000 system, so you can upgrade any number of installed axes to advanced safety where needed.

Bulletin 2094 Kinetix 6500 EtherNet/IP-enabled Servo Drives

Kinetix 6500 EtherNet/IP

Bulletin 2094 Kinetix® 6500 EtherNet/IP™ Servo Drives combine high-performance integrated motion with an open EtherNet/IP network. This drive can be part of a solution using EtherNet/IP to integrate high-performance servo and AC drives, I/O, smart actuators and any other EtherNet/IP-connected device. This drive provides safety features to help improve operator safety and enhance machine efficiency. Its modular structure provides an adaptable platform for future machine enhancements.

Bulletin 2099 Kinetix 7000 High-power Servo Drives

Kinetix 7000 High-power

Our Bulletin 2099 Kinetix® 7000 Servo Drives support motion applications with the highest power requirements. With a power output up to 150 kW, this drive extends the benefits of Kinetix Integrated Motion to an even greater range of applications. The Kinetix 7000 servo drive fits seamlessly into your Integrated Architecture™ system. It supports for permanent magnet (synchronous) and induction (asynchronous) motors. Safety features help safeguard personnel while assisting in productivity improvements.