NEMA Industrial Relays

We offer a wide-range of NEMA Industrial Relays designed for heavier-duty applications, large loads and long life to meet your industrial control application needs.

Bulletin 700-P NEMA Heavy-Duty Relays

700-P Heavy-Duty Relays

Bulletin 700-P, 700-PH and 700-PK Heavy Duty Relays have four types of contact cartridges to meet your specific switching requirements. Time delay, latching attachments, overlapping, and logic reed contacts can be combined into one relay to yield a custom-tailored application solution.

Bulletin 700S NEMA Heavy-Duty Safety Control Relays

700S Heavy-Duty Safety Control Relays

Bulletin 700S-P and 700S-PK Safety Control Relays are designed to meet worldwide safety standards. These relays have mechanically linked contacts and tamper-resistant covers.

Bulletin 700-R NEMA Sealed Switch Relays

700-R Sealed Switch Relays

Our Bulletin 700-R Sealed Switch Relays work in extremely harsh, dirty environments and hazardous locations. The tungsten-tipped, hermetically sealed contacts provide high-reliability switching of low voltage circuits. The 700-R has an extremely long life because there is no moving armature used to change contact state. 

Bulletin 700-N NEMA Industrial Relays

700-N Industrial Relays

Bulletin 700-N Industrial Relays are a low profile, high reliability switching solution. Thes electrically held relays have manual override capability with easy-to-identify status indication on the highly visible red bar.