IEC Industrial Relays

We offer a wide-range of IEC Industrial Relays designed for heavier-duty applications, large loads and long life to meet your general industrial control needs. Safety IEC control relays are also available

Bulletin 700-CF IEC Control Relays

700-CF Control Relays

Bulletin 700-CF IEC Control Relays provide features required for demanding industrial applications—mechanically linked contacts, timing options, long contact life—in an IEC design.

Bulletin 700-K IEC Control Relays

700-K Miniature Control Relays

Bulletin 700-K IEC Control Relays are compact sized industrial relays capable of switching low-energy signals.

Bulletin 700S-CF IEC Safety Control Relays

700S-CF Safety Control Relays

Bulletin 700S-CF Safety Control Relays provide mechanically or mirror contact performance, which are required in feedback circuits for safety applications. Bifurcated contacts are ideal for low energy feedback safety circuits where high contact reliability is required.