Sistemas de controlador lógico programable MicroLogix 1100

Nuestros sistemas de controlador lógico programable MicroLogix™ 1100 Boletín 1763 añaden EtherNet/IP™ incorporada, edición en línea y un panel LCD a la familia MicroLogix. El panel LCD incorporado muestra el estado del controlador, el estado de E/S y mensajes del operador simples. Con dos entradas analógicas, 10 entradas digitales y seis salidas digitales, el controlador MicroLogix 1100 puede manipular una amplia variedad de tareas.


Sistemas de controlador lógico programable MicroLogix 1100 Boletín 1763

Speicherprogrammierbare MicroLogix 1100-Steuerungssysteme

Unsere speicherprogrammierbaren MicroLogix™ 1100-Steuerungssysteme der Serie 1763 erweitern die MicroLogix-Produktreihe um integriertes EtherNet/IP™, Online-Bearbeitung und eine LCD-Anzeige. Die integrierte LCD-Anzeige zeigt den Steuerungsstatus, den E/A-Status und einfache Bedienermeldungen an. Die MicroLogix 1100-Steuerung verfügt über 2 analoge Eingänge, 10 digitale Eingänge und 6 digitale Ausgänge, mit denen sie eine Vielzahl an Tasks verarbeiten kann.


Speicherprogrammierbare MicroLogix 1100-Steuerungssysteme der Serie 1763

MicroLogix 1100 可编程逻辑控制器系统

Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix™ 1100 可编程逻辑控制器系统将嵌入式 EtherNet/IP™、在线编辑功能和 LCD 面板添加到 MicroLogix 系列中。内置 LCD 面板显示控制器状态、I/O 状态和简单操作员消息。借助 2 个模拟量输入、10 个数字量输入和 6 个数字量输出,MicroLogix 1100 控制器可以处理各种任务。


Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix 1100 可编程逻辑控制器系统

Sistemas de controlador lógico programável MicroLogix 1100

Nossos sistemas de Controlador lógico programável MicroLogix™ 1100 cód. cat. 1763 adicionam EtherNet/IP™ incorporada, edição on-line e um painel LCD à família MicroLogix. O painel LCD incorporado mostra o status do controlador, o status de E/S e mensagens simples do operador. Com 2 entradas analógicas, 10 entradas digitais e 6 saídas digitais, o controlador MicroLogix 1100 pode lidar com uma grande variedade de tarefas.


Sistemas de controlador lógico programável MicroLogix 1100 cód. cat. 1763

MicroLogix 1100 프로그래밍이 가능한 논리 컨트롤러(PLC) 시스템

Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix™ 1100 PLC 시스템은 MicroLogix 제품군에 내장형 EtherNet/IP™, 온라인 편집 기능, LCD 패널을 더해 줍니다. 내장된 LCD 판넬에서 컨트롤러 상태, I/O 상태 및 간단한 운영자 메시지를 확인할 수 있습니다. MicroLogix 1100 컨트롤러는 2가지 아날로그 입력, 10가지 디지털 입력 및 6가지 디지털 출력을 통해 다양한 작업을 처리할 수 있습니다.


Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix 1100 프로그래밍이 가능한 논리 컨트롤러(PLC) 시스템

MicroLogix 1100プログラマブル・ロジック・コントローラ・システム

当社のBulletin 1763 MicroLogix™ 1100プログラマブル・ロジック・コントローラのシステムは、MicroLogixファミリーにEtherNet/IP™接続機能、オンライン編集機能、液晶ディスプレイ(LCD)パネルを追加したものです。組み込み型の液晶ディスプレイには、コントローラのステータス、I/Oステータス、および簡潔なオペレータ向けメッセージが表示されます。このMicroLogix 1100コントローラにはアナログ入力が2個、デジタル入力が10個、およびデジタル出力が6個搭載されており、幅広い用途に使用できます。


Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix 1100プログラマブル・ロジック・コントローラ・システム

Sistemi di controllore a logica programmabile 1100 MicroLogix

I controllori a logica programmabile MicroLogix™ 1100 serie 1763 aggiungono alla famiglia MicroLogix il protocollo EtherNet/IP™ integrato, le modifiche on-line e un pannello LCD. L'LCD integrato mostra lo stato del controllore, lo stato I/O e messaggi semplici per l'operatore. Con 2 ingressi analogici, 10 ingressi digitali e 6 uscite digitali, il controllore MicroLogix 1100 è in grado di gestire una vasta gamma di attività.


Sistemi di controllore a logica programmabile MicroLogix 1100 serie 1763

Systèmes automates programmables MicroLogix 1100

Nos systèmes automates programmables MicroLogix™ 1100 Série 1763 apportent en outre l'EtherNet/IP™ embarqué, l'édition en ligne et un écran LCD à la famille MicroLogix. L'écran LCD incorporé indique l'état de l'automate, l'état des E/S et des messages opérateur simples. Grâce à 2 entrées analogiques, 10 entrées et 6 sorties numériques, l'automate MicroLogix 1100 peut prendre en charge une grande diversité de tâches.


Systèmes automates programmables MicroLogix 1100, Série 1763

MicroLogix 1100 Programmable Logic Controller Systems

Our Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix™ 1100 Programmable Logic Controller Systems add embedded EtherNet/IP™, on-line editing, and an LCD panel to the MicroLogix family. The built-in LCD panel shows controller status, I/O status, and simple operator messages. With 2 analog inputs, 10 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs, the MicroLogix 1100 controller can handle a wide variety of tasks.


Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix 1100 Programmable Logic Controller Systems
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  • Includes built-in 10/100 MBps EtherNet/IP™ port for peer-to-peer messaging
  • Provides 8 KB memory (4 KB user program with 4 KB user data)
  • Lets you access, monitor and program from any Ethernet connection
  • Supports on-line editing
  • Provides embedded web server so you can configure controller data to be displayed as a web page
  • Contains isolated RS-232/RS-485 combination port for serial and networked communication
  • Lets you monitor and modify controller data through an embedded LCD screen
  • Compatible with 1762 MicroLogix Expansion I/O modules (up to four modules per controller)
  • Supports up to 144 digital I/O points

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  • CE
  • C-Tick
  • UL
  • c-UL
  • Class I Division 2 Hazardous Location

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Use RSLogix 500 programming software from Rockwell Software® to configure your MicroLogix™ programmable controllers.

MicroLogix Systems Building Blocks

The following pre-configured building blocks implement common control tasks as part of your machine design. These building blocks use the RSLogix™ software and are available by ordering the DVD.

  • Application-focused building blocks
  • Pre-written control programs
  • Quick start guides
  • Sample wiring diagrams
  • Sample bill of materials
  • Sample panel layouts
  • Sample HMI screens with diagnostics

Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.

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Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.

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Typical applications for our MicroLogix™ programmable controllers include:

  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Applications
  • General Industrial Machinery
  • Printing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water Wastewater / SCADA
  • Clutch/Brake control
  • Position Control - Pick-and-place / Conveyor

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