DeviceLogix-Enabled Products

DeviceLogix™ Smart Component Technology integrates logic-solving capability into I/O, motor starters, push buttons, and other control components, providing higher-performance and lower-cost distributed control.

DeviceLogix-Enabled Products
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  • Supports simple control functions such as Boolean logic execution, signal-conditioning, event detection, and alarming in control system components
  • Well suited for applications that require a quick and localized response to input events without the delays of network round-trip polling times
  • Offers easy configuration for local logic with RSNetWorx™ for DeviceNet™ software
  • Offers selected components such as distributed I/O, push buttons, relays, and distributed starters that communicate over a DeviceNet network


Use the built-in DeviceLogix™ editor in RSNetWorx software from Rockwell Software® to configure your DeviceLogix smart components. RSNetWorx™ software includes easy-to-understand drop-down menus and dialog boxes you can use to create components for system installation or field maintenance.

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Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.

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