ControlNet Connected Products

We offer a wide variety of ControlNet™ products for your applications. Products have either a built-in ControlNet interface, or connect to the ControlNet network via an optional communication interface module. We continue to support your real-time, high-throughput applications.

ControlNet Connected Products
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  • Includes products that range from controllers, I/O, and operator interface to drives and power management products
  • Offers products with built-in ControlNet™ connectivity
  • Includes redundant media support
  • Offers ControlNet Ex products that are available for intrinsic safety applications 
  • Connects a PC to a ControlNet network using the USB to ControlNet cable
  • Offers PCI-bus and RS-232-C to ControlNet interfaces
  • Offers a variety of products from our Encompass partners

Programmable Controllers

I/O Modules

  • ControlLogix I/O — supports single and redundant ControlNet media
  • SLC I/O — supports single and redundant ControlNet media
  • Universal I/O — supports single and redundant ControlNet media


Operator Interface

Energy Monitoring

PC Interfaces

Encompass Partner Products

Our PartnerNetwork™ offers complementary product solutions for ControlNet connected products and ControlNet Add On Profiles through the Encompass Product Reference Program.


ControlNet Coax Media Planning and Installation GuideCNET-IN002
ControlNet EX Coax Media Planning and Installation GuideCNET-IN003
ControlNet Fiber Media Planning and Installation GuideCNET-IN001
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Product Certifications

Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.

Configuration & Selection Tools

Other Resources

  • Electronic Data Sheets — Find DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, EtherNet/IP™, and network-independent EDS files.
  • Firmware Updates — Log in to get support for firmware updates.
  • Integrated Architecture Tools — Tools to help you plan and configure an Integrated Architecture™ system.
    • Faceplate/Add On Instruction Sets — Download and use these pre-built, pre-configured HMI screens.
    • IA Bookshelf [PDF] — View recommended literature for the Integrated Architecture™ system.
    • Integrated Architecture Podcasts — Select from a list of podcasts to learn more about the Integrated Architecture™ system.
    • Popular Configuration Drawings — Use these tools to understand the basic performance, capacity and configuration of the Integrated Architecture™ system.
    • Sample Code Library — Retrieve samples of code that have been developed by other users and post code that others might find helpful.
    • System Ferret — Use this system inventory software tool to seek out and log all devices communicating on DeviceNet™ networks, ControlNet™, and EtherNet/IP™ in your control system.
  • Knowledgebase — Visit our online resource for technical information, support chat and forums, software updates, and product safety advisories/notices.