General Purpose

General Purpose Motors are available in a wide range of enclosures, including TENV, TEFC, ODP, and DPG, and power ranges from fractional to 400 Hp. These motors can be used with a variable frequency drive or across the line for most applications in a non-severe duty environment.

CM103 Totally Enclosed AC Motors

CM103 Totally Enclosed

Bulletin CM103 Totally Enclosed Motors are NEMA Premium Efficient AC motors, 1/4...400 Hp.

CM107 Open Enclosure AC Motors

CM107 Open Enclosure

Bulletin CM107 Open Enclosure Motors are NEMA Premium Efficient AC motors, 1...300 Hp.

CM220 Economical Totally Enclosed Motor

CM220 Economical Totally Enclosed

Bulletin CM220 Totally Enclosed Motors are economical small frame inverter AC motors, 1/8...10 Hp.