Our CENTERLINE® 2100 NEMA Motor Control Centers (MCCs) combine rugged durability and premium quality, and integrate control and power into one centralized package. Our industry-leading MCCs meets UL and NEMA standards and offer solutions for networking and communications, and safety.

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  • Offers proven technology for high quality and years of dependable service
    • High short circuit withstand ratings in type-tested enclosure
    • Continuous bus bracing provides uniform support
    • Durable NEMA components
    • Factory tested for faster and more dependable startup
  • Provides consistent design to allow for backward compatibility
  • Includes center-mounted bus design for to improve heat dissipation
  • Provides solid grounding system to help reduce shock hazards

CENTERLINE 2100 with ArcShield Technology

  • Helps to reduce arc flash hazards and provide you with increased protection against internal electrical arcing faults
  • Meets Type 2 accessibility requirements, as defined by IEEE C37.20.7
  • Includes arc-resistant latches on all doors for pressure relief to keep the door latched to the MCC during an arcing fault
  • Includes arc-resistant baffles in all MCC units, including variable frequency drives, to enable adequate heat dissipation and retain arc-containment

CENTERLINE 2100 with SecureConnect Units

  • Provides disconnect power from an MCC plug-in unit without opening the enclosure door
  • Helps to reduce electrical shock and exposure to electrical hazards
  • Streamlines maintenance and reduces downtime
  • Offers minimal impact to current or future electrical design
  • Offers remote operator option for SecureConnect™ units that allows customers to connect and disconnect SecureConnect units from the MCC. This operator is available through our Encompass Product Partner CBS ArcSafe, Inc.

CENTERLINE 2100 with IntelliCENTER Technology

  • Offers a built-in EtherNet/IP™ network that provides real time data to minimize the need to approach the MCC
  • Offers built-in EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet™ technology which is designed and tested to ODVA specifications to help assure reliable communications
  • Includes IntelliCENTER® software which provides access to operating data and troubleshooting to help reduce downtime

Additional Information

  • Learn how the information from our portfolio of Intelligent Motor Control can position you to make better operating decisions, improve system performance, and gain operation efficiencies.
  • SecureConnect Remote Operator Demo — Watch this video to learn how to install and use the SecureConnect remote operator on a 2100 MCC.

CENTERLINE 2100 Low Voltage MCCs Savings Offerings

Three new space, hardware, and wiring savings offerings are available for our CENTERLINE® low voltage motor control centers (MCC). These offerings promote the use of one series of drives throughout the MCC:

  • PowerFlex® 750 Series 1 HP to 10 HP Frame 1 and 10 HP to 15 HP Frame 2 drives are available in a 2.0 space factor design
  • 20-750-S3 Integrated Safety STO card is a standard option for PowerFlex 755 drives in Power Control Builder (PCBr).
  • 1494U 30 A disconnects are replacing 1494F 30 A disconnects for starters, feeders, drives and SMCs.

CENTERLINE 2100 Low Voltage MCC Now Offer CSM Services

CSM Services is now offered with CENTERLINE 2100 low voltage MCCs. The following services can be selected within PCBr with one proposal:

  • Arc Flash Study helps you evaluate the MCC and downstream equipment for electrical hazards and offers mitigation solutions.
  • Startup Assistance for conventional and IntelliCENTER® MCCs with Ethernet capabilities can help minimize downtime.
  • IntelliCENTER Customer Training for MCCs helps maintain appropriate installation of intelligent devices.


CENTERLINE 2100 Motor Control Centers Brochure2100-BR006
IntelliCENTER Technology with EtherNet/IP BrochureMCC-BR003
CENTERLINE 2100 SecureConnect Product Profile2100-PP022
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CENTERLINE 2100 MCC Installation Manual2100-IN012
CENTERLINE 2100 Specification Checklist2100-SR003
CENTERLINE 2100 MCC Procurement Specification - CSI Format2100-SR007
Power System Considerations for Product Selection Application Technique2100-AT003
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Configuration & Selection Tools

  • CENTERLINE Builder Tool — Use CENTERLINE® Builder to design your CENTERLINE MCC line up. This tool allows you to enter general MCC setup information with key characteristics, add units, and create the MCC design. The tool generates a layout drawing, single-line diagram, and typical schematic drawings customized to your project requirements. (Sign-in required).

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  • Cost Savings Calculator — This tool shows you the cost benefits of selecting a smart networked motor control solution compared to a traditional hardwired solution.
  • Procurement Specifications — Visit our online resource to find the procurement specifications for this product.
  • Knowledgebase — Visit our online resource for technical information, support chat and forums, software updates, and product safety advisories/notices.