Medium Voltage Soft Starters

Our Medium Voltage Soft Starters apply reduced voltage to a medium voltage AC motor to allow soft starting and stopping, limit the inrush current, and reduce the effects of water hammer in pumping systems.

IEC OneGear 7700 Medium Voltage Soft Starters

IEC OneGear

The OneGear™ product line is the next generation of medium voltage motor control specifically designed to meet a variety of global standards. OneGear products offer greater motor control center and power control center options for full voltage and solid-state reduced voltage applications while supporting operating voltages up to 15 kV.

NEMA CENTERLINE 1500 Medium Voltage Soft Starters


The medium voltage SMC™-50 controllers furnish, as standard, a full range of starting and stopping methods for a variety of applications. Its unique control options offer enhanced motor starting and stopping capabilities to satisfy your most demanding applications.

Bulletin 1503 Reduced Voltage Starters with SMC-50 Controllers

1503 Reduced Voltage Starters with SMC-50 Controllers

Our Bulletin 1503 Reduced Voltage Starters with SMC-50 Controllers provides microprocessor controlled starting for standard three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motors. These assemblies can also be used to retrofit existing motor controllers and are available as an OEM frame and components.