Absolute Encoders

Absolute Encoders retain your position data during loss of power. They are excellent choices in systems that require failsafe operation. Our magnetic encoders directly connect to DeviceNet™ for advanced functionality with reduced wiring cost. Our sine/cosine encoders provide absolute feedback for position control and high resolution incremental feedback for speed control. Our Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™ encoders leverage CIP Sync, a time synchronization extension that is fully compliant with IEEE 1588. You can use our single-turn encoders for reliable readouts in harsh conditions.

Bulletin 842A Multi-Turn Magnetic

842A Multi-Turn Magnetic

Bulletin 842A Multi-Turn Magnetic Encoder is a 25-bit absolute multi-turn shaft encoder. It provides up to 8192 pulses per turn or a maximum of 8192 turns. It uses a technology called Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) to provide 24-bit resolution over just 5 wires. The SSI output from the 842A encoder can be interfaced in several different ways.

Bulletin 842D DeviceNet Multi-Turn Magnetic

842D DeviceNet Multi-Turn Magnetic

Bulletin 842D DeviceNet™ Multi-Turn Magnetic Encoder is a 26-bit absolute multi-turn shaft encoder that is directly connected to DeviceNet. This network capability eliminates the need for dedicated input cards. It connects to the DeviceNet trunk line using a five-pin micro quick-disconnect. You can interface up to sixty-three 842D DeviceNet encoders to a PLC or other logic system through a single network connection.

Bulletin 842HR Sine/Cosine

842HR Sine/Cosine

Bulletin 842HR Sine/Cosine is a 15-bit serial encoder for high performance digital servo drive systems that require absolute feedback for position control, and high resolution incremental feedback for speed control. This encoder provides commutation, speed regulation, and position control all in one device.

Bulletin 845D Single-Turn

845D Single-Turn

Bulletin 845D Single Turn is a heavy-duty NEMA Type 4 single-turn absolute position encoder that digitizes shaft angle position into one of a number of absolute code formats. Our encoder has a unique digital output for each shaft position. It uses a single laser diode and a fiber optic assembly to produce a concentrated beam of light that passes through a code disk and is sensed as high level optical signals.

Bulletin 845G High-Performance Single-Turn

845G Single-Turn High-Performance

Bulletin 845G Single-Turn is a NEMA Type 4 and 13, single-turn absolute encoder for use in harsh conditions. We enhanced this encoder to incorporate the higher performance of our 845GM encoder in a standard size 25 package.

Bulletin 845GM Single-Turn with Zero Set Pin

845GM Single-Turn, Zero Set Pin

Bulletin 845GM Single-Turn is a NEMA Type 4 and 13, single-turn absolute encoder that digitizes shaft position for reliable readouts. You can use this encoder under a wide range of harsh conditions. The 845GM provides high resolution in a compact size 20 housing for applications where positioning accuracy is critical but space is limited.