InView Message Displays

Bulletin 2706 InView™ Message Displays let you create messages on a PC and display them plant-wide. We offer 11 different models with 1…5 display lines, viewing distances up to 450 feet, different character sizes, message colors, font types, and messaging effects.

InView Message Displays
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These products are no longer available for sale through Rockwell Automation®.

Learn more about these products from our Encompass Partner Spectrum Controls.


InView Communication Module Installation Instructions2706-IN015
InView Marquee Message Display, P92C & P94C Installation Instructions2706-IN016
InView Marquee Message Display, P4x & P7x Installation Instructions2706-IN006
InView Marquee Message Display Quick Start Manual2706-QS001
InView Marquee Message Display User Manual2706-UM016
InView Communication Module User Manual2706-UM017
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