Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors

Multi-pole Lighting Contactors include electrically and mechanically held NEMA, AC mechanically held NEMA, and multi-pole IEC lighting contactors.

Bulletin 100L Electrically Held Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors

100L Electrically Held

Bulletin 100L Lighting Contactors control a variety of lighting loads. Use them for all popular lighting loads and other non-motor applications including tungsten filament lighting loads, electric discharge (fluorescent) loads, electric furnaces, and electric water heaters. In addition, these contactors meet the requirements of both CSA and UL.

Bulletin 500LC Mechanically Held Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors

500LC Mechanically Held

Bulletin 500LC NEMA AC Lighting Contactors offer multi-branch circuit control. You can use these lighting contactors with energy management systems, programmable controllers, communication systems, microprocessors, occupancy sensors, photoelectric cells, and timers.

Bulletin 500LG Electrically & Mechanically Held Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors

500LG Electrically & Mechanically Held

Bulletin 500LG Electrically and Mechanically Held Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors feature a modular compact design and easy installation. The contacts switch ballast (fluorescent or HID), tungsten, and general use loads. These contactors have a standard base for all configurations, continuously rated interchangeable coils, and allow switching low level circuits to 12V, 5 mA.