PowerFlex 755T Overview

Your investment is significant. The application is crucial, and improving productivity is essential. You need to find the right AC drive to help optimize assets and make good use of valuable time to achieve your goals. That is why we developed the PowerFlex® 755T drives. These new additions to the PowerFlex family have been built to help you save time, reduce costs, and keep your machine up and running.

PowerFlex 755T Overview
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The PowerFlex® 755T drives were designed to provide harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus solutions that help reduce energy costs, add flexibility and increase productivity. These are the first drives to offer TotalFORCE™ technology which uses several patented features that were developed to help optimize your system.

These drives also offer the advantage of a modular design for fast and easy installation and maintenance. This efficient design provides compact modules that can be easily removed and serviced – and also allows you to wire the drive just once. Power wiring can stay connected while a unit is rolled out for repair.

Look into the PowerFlex 755TL, PowerFlex 755TR, and PowerFlex 755TM drives and discover the next step in powerful performance and flexible control.


  • Predictive diagnostics and maintenance settings monitor drive and motor operating conditions to help analyze system health
  • Optimized packaging of power components and options reduces footprint and hardware
  • Drives provide harmonic mitigation and meet the IEEE 519 standard
  • Roll in/out design makes the power and filter modules easy to install and service
  • Safe Torque Off and Safe Speed Monitor safety options
  • Built-in dual EtherNet/IP ports
  • Power ratings: 160…2000 kW / 250…3000 Hp in global voltage from 400V to 690V

Additional Information

  • PowerFlex® 755TR Drive Video — Watch an animation that illustrates the advantages of the modular hardware and built-in components offered by this drive. CS, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO, PL, PT, RU, TR, ZH
  • PowerFlex TotalFORCE Technology Video — Learn how this patented motor control technology can help improve your operations. EN, ES, KO, PT, ZH
  • To learn more about the PowerFlex 755T drives, contact your Allen-Bradley distributor or Rockwell Automation sales office.

What's New

The PowerFlex® 755T AC drives now offer several accessory-based kits and firmware updates that allow use of the drives in a wider range of industries and applications.

The kits provide the following capabilities:

  • The C2 EMC filter kit helps improve VFD emission performance by mitigating electromagnetic interference associated with conducted emission according to EN61800-3 for adjustable speed electrical power drive systems.
  • An optional Marine Bus Conditioner kit provides the PowerFlex 755T drive solutions with the marine certifications that are required for VFD operation in a maritime environment.
  • Optional Seismic Kits provide the PowerFlex 755T drive solutions with certification required for VFD installation in regions with seismic requirements.
  • PowerFlex 755T Drive Transition Kits provide a seamless integration between the PowerFlex 755T Drive solutions and PowerFlex 755 Frames 8-10 high horsepower drives for simplified installation.

Firmware updates include:

  • A new Energy Pause feature reduces fan speed and sets the PowerFlex 755T drive or Bus Supply into a low energy state to help reduce overall energy consumption.
  • The Emergency Override feature can override fault conditions and allow the drive to continue running until a stop command is issued. This feature can be useful in applications in which stopping the drive could be potentially dangerous and result in an emergency situation.