M23 Connection Systems

Our Bulletin 889M M23 Connection Systems feature industry standard 12- and 19-pin connectors for robust connections in high pin-density applications. Use our M23 connection devices with safety switches or for transferring a bundle of discrete signals from a distribution box or controller. We offer cordsets and patchcords, solder field-attachable connectors, and panel mount receptacles.

M23 Cordsets & Patchcords

Cordsets & Patchcords

Bulletin 889M M23 Cordsets and Patchcords provide secure connections for high pin-count field devices using M23 style connectors. They are available in straight or right-angled configurations and are physically keyed to prevent wiring mishaps.

M23 Panel Mount Male Receptacles

Panel Mount Male Receptacles

Bulletin 888M M23 Panel Mount Male Receptacles are easy to wire. The M20 x 1.5 threads allow for convenient mounting to safety switches.

M23 Solder Field Attachable Connector

Solder Field Attachable Connector

Bulletin 889M M23 Solder Field Attachable Connectors are passive devices for use with raw cable. Available in male and female versions, these 4- and 5-pin models allow for easy assembly of custom cables on the plant floor.