Connection Devices

Connection Devices include Network Media for Ethernet, ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Power Media, and Safety Connection Systems. We offer many products for DC Micro (M12), AC Micro (1/2"), MiniPlus (1", 1-1/8"), Mini (7/8"), Pico (M8), and M23: cordsets, patchcords, V- and Y-cables, splitters, field attachable connectors, and receptacles. Our I/O Wiring Systems include interface modules and cables that connect through pre-wired cables to digital and analog I/O. We offer several IEC and NEMA terminal blocks to meet your needs.

Bulletin 1492 I/O Wiring and Conversion Systems

I/O Wiring and Conversion Systems

Bulletin 1492 I/O Wiring Systems include interface modules and cables that connect through pre-wired cables to digital and analog I/O.

Cordsets & Field Attachables

Cordsets & Field Attachables

Cables and Cordsets provide secure connections for proximity sensors, limit switches, photoelectric sensors, and other field devices. We offer a broad line of cordsets (connectors at each end) and patchcords (connector at one end, leads on the other), splitters and tees, distribution boxes, V- and Y-cables, field-attachable connectors and panel-mount receptacles. These components are available in a variety of connector configurations and housing materials.

Network Media Connection Devices

Network Media

Network Media includes connectivity devices for industrial networks including Ethernet, ControlNet™ and DeviceNet™. Devices include spools of raw cable, patchcords, cordsets, and a full line of accessories. Our network media components help ensure network performance while simplifying construction of your architecture.

Power Media Connection Devices

Power Media

Power Media Connection Devices are plug-and-play style connectors that provide power for three-phase motor branch circuits, ArmorStart® distributed motor controllers, and 24V DC power to auxiliary devices separate from network power. Our connection devices include cordsets, patchcords, trunk cables, drop cables, tees and reducers, receptacles, and shorting plugs.

Safety Connection Systems

Safety Connection Systems

Our Guardmaster® Safety t-ports/splitters, distribution boxes, shorting plugs, and taps are parts of a quick-disconnect system dedicated to machine safety. GuardLink™ taps connect safety input devices to a GuardLink system, a safety-based communications protocol that links safety to The Connected Enterprise. GuardLink enabled devices offer advanced features and diagnostics that can only be accessed through a GuardLink enabled connection tap.


Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks Connection Systems include screw-type IEC, spring-type IEC, IEC terminal block accessories, NEMA terminal blocks, NEMA terminal block accessories, finger-safe terminal blocks, and panel mount terminal blocks. We offer many terminal block products including double level plug-in, thermocouple, tab-connect feed through, grounding, space-saver feed through, fuse, sensor, plug-in connection, multi-circuit, mini, single circuit, neutral disconnect, isolation and more.