E300/E200 Electronic Overload Relays

Our Bulletin 193/592 E300™ (networked) and E200™ (non-networked) Electronic Overload Relays are the newest technologies for overload protection. The modular design, communication options, diagnostic information, simplified wiring, and integration into Logix technology make them the ideal overload for motor control applications in an automation system.

Bulletin 193 and 592 E300/E200 Electronic Overload Relays
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  • Includes intelligent motor control (EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and non-networked options available)
  • Offers modular solution with wide current range & adjustable trip class
  • Provides enhanced diagnostic information for single & three phase applications
  • Includes integrated I/O (additional expansion I/O available)
  • Offers simplified wiring and easy integration into Logix
  • Offers the ability to customize the E300 Overload Relay by selecting one each of the following modules: 
    • 193-ECM E300/E200 Communication Module
    • 193-EIO E300/E200 Control Module
    • 193-ESM or 592-ESM E300/E200 Sensing Module

Product Comparison

Protection Features Bimetallic E1 Plus E200 E300
Phase Loss  
Ground Fault  
Current Imbalance  
Over/Under Voltage    
Voltage Imbalance    
Over/Under Power    
Diagnostic Features        
% Full Load Amperes (FLA)  
% Thermal Capacity Utilization (TCU)  
Integration Features        
DeviceLogix™ software    
Logix Controller    
Connected Components Workbench™ software      
EtherNet/IP™ network   Optional Expansion   Embedded (dual-port)
DeviceNet™ network   Optional Expansion   Embedded (single-port) 
Local Programming Method   EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet* USB Type B* EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet*

*Note: E300/E200 devices can also be configured using an optional expansion operator diagnostic station.

Additional Information

E300/E200 Relay Product Enhancements for Your Intelligent Motor Control Application

Our E300/E200 relays offer simultaneous real-time control, configuration, and data acquisition for your intelligent motor control application. The E300/E200 has added some product enhancements to continue to provide top-tier motor overload protection.

E200 / Parameter Configuration Module (PCM)

  • Stand-alone non-networked applications
  • Configurable with Connected Components Workbench™ software
  • Three rotary dials to set FLA and 8-position DIP switch for trip class & feature selection

Series B Control Module (replaces Series A)

  • Reduced I/O count module offering (2 inputs / 2 outputs)
  • Parameter back-up/restore functionality via the embedded web server
  • SIL 2 capable - IEC 61508:2010 Parts 1-7 (does not apply to Series A)

DeviceNet Communication Module

  • Provides migration path for older E3/E3+ products
  • Interface supported in RSNetWorx for DeviceNet (supports ADR)
  • E3/E3+ emulation mode for simplified interface experience (not available with Series A Control Module)

Sensing Module for New 100-E Contactor Mounting

  • 20...200 A

Bulletin 193 Current Transformer (CT) Kits

  • Consists of either UL or CE compliant type CTs
  • UL - 300 A and 600 A
  • CE - 300 A and 400 A

To view commonly ordered and quickly available products, use the Product Configuration Assistant for our complete product offerings.


  • CE Marked
  • RCM (formerly C-tick)
  • cULus Listed — File No. E14840; Guide Nos. NKCR, NKCR7
  • Suitable for use with IE3 Motors (IEC 60034-30)
  • SIL 2 Capable - IEC 61508:2010 Parts 1-7 (with Series B Control Module Only)
  • ABS
  • CCC
  • KCC
  • Environmental Protection Use Period 25 (China RoHS)

Standards Compliance

  • CSA C22.2, No. 60947-4-1
  • EN 60947-4-1
  • UL 60947-4-1
  • GB/T 14048.4-2010
  • IEC 61508
  • IEC 61511
  • SJ/T 11364, GB/T 26572, SJ/Z 11388

Product Certifications

Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.

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Product Certifications

Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.

Configuration & Selection Tools

Other Resources

  • Add-on Profile Integration Tool — Use this E300 integration tool for RSLogix™ 5000 and Studio 5000™ software integration.
  • FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix Software — Use FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix™ software to monitor, analyze, manage, print, and save power monitor data with your E300 Plus Electronic Overload Relay.
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