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Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks Connection Systems include screw-type IEC, spring-type IEC, IEC terminal block accessories, NEMA terminal blocks, NEMA terminal block accessories, finger-safe terminal blocks, and panel mount terminal blocks. We offer many terminal block products including double level plug-in, thermocouple, tab-connect feed through, grounding, space-saver feed through, fuse, sensor, plug-in connection, multi-circuit, mini, single circuit, neutral disconnect, isolation and more.


Finger-Safe Terminal Blocks

Our family of Finger-Safe Terminal Blocks falls between open-style NEMA/EEMAC terminal blocks and full-function IEC style terminal blocks. Our finger-safe terminal blocks are compact and have recessed terminals. They are UL component recognized and CSA certified plus CE marked for use in the European Union. You can select from 11 colors for easy circuit identification. In addition to our standard multi-rail terminal blocks, we offer a wide range of fusible terminal blocks and isolation switches.

IEC Screw-Type

IEC Screw-Type Terminal Blocks

IEC Screw-Type Terminal Blocks meet recognized international IEC standards. Our finger-safe blocks are designed for DIN rail mounting. We offer a wide range of high-density IEC block types, from general feed-through for control wiring to specialty blocks for grounding and isolation, plus thermocouple blocks designed for temperature-dependent process control applications.

IEC Spring-Clamp

Bulletin 1492 IEC Spring-Clamp Terminal Blocks

IEC Spring-clamp Terminal Blocks offer screwless termination technology—a fast and practical solution for secure and durable connections. These high-density blocks reduce wiring time, minimize troubleshooting, and perform in severe conditions. Secure contact is durable under extreme conditions such as vibration type applications. We offer 20 types of IEC screw-type terminal blocks, including grounding, fuse, sensor, space-saver, mini, plug-in, and isolation.

Marking Solutions

Marking Solutions

Our Marking Solutions enable efficient identification of terminal blocks and other industrial components. The ClearMark™ Printer provides quality printing for high-volume users. The X-Y Plotter supports flexible marking. Our software tools allow you to customize your marker cards. For low-volume marking needs, use our pre-printed or marker cards.

NEMA Terminal Blocks

NEMA Terminal Blocks

NEMA Terminal Blocks offer easy wiring with standard size screwdrivers, easy visual verification of proper wire position and easy marking. Most of our NEMA blocks are available pre-assembled on a breakaway-mounting channel, complete with one end anchor, retaining clip and one end barrier. We offer four types of NEMA Terminal Blocks: open construction, voltage-indicating, fuse, and isolation switch.

Panel Mount Terminal Blocks

NEMA Panel Mount Terminal Blocks

Panel Mount Blocks are designed for installations that require only a few terminations. They reduce installation time because no rail is needed and you can wire the blocks after mounting. We offer Panel Mount Blocks in four styles and seven types.

Power Terminal Blocks

Power Terminal Blocks

Our Power Terminal Blocks feature terminal identification options. We provide mounting dimensions with each unit and label wire ranges and tightening torques on the product to simplify installation. You can select from five styles of power terminal blocks including mini, open-style power distribution, open-style feed-through/splicer, enclosed power distribution, and UL 1953 Listed power distribution.