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Allen-Bradley® software products support our intelligent I/O modules, portable data collectors, PowerFlex® drives, servo drives and motors, motor control centers, programmable controllers, and sensors. Rockwell Software® offers design and configuration, data management, asset management, and performance software to support the entire breadth of Rockwell Automation® hardware products. Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.

Studio 5000 Logix Designer

Studio 5000 Logix Designer for PowerFlex Drives

Configuring PowerFlex® drives with the Studio 5000™ Logix Designer application (formerly RSLogix™ 5000 software) lets you consolidate controller programming and drive system configuration, operation, and maintenance into a single software environment. This exceptional level of integration helps to reduce your programming time, ease startup and commissioning, and streamline diagnostics.

9303 DriveTools SP

Bulletin 9303 DriveTools SP Software

DriveTools™ SP is a family of software tools that provide a simplified interface for programming, maintenance and troubleshooting of your PowerFlex® AC and DC drives. Tools include DriveExecutive™ and DriveObserver™ software.

IntelliCENTER Software

IntelliCENTER Software for Motor Control Centers

IntelliCENTER® software provides the ultimate window into your MCC. The software puts both real-time diagnostics and MCC documentation at your fingertips to maximize the performance of your MCC and related equipment. The graphical views of individual MCC units display device data and let you quickly view critical status information. The Integration Assistant feature lets you automatically build an I/O tree in the Studio™ 5000 environment or automatically populate the meter data in FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix™ using information from IntelliCENTER Software. IntelliCENTER Energy provides the automatic, pre-configured setup of FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix for intelligent motor control devices in the motor control center.

Motion Analyzer Software

Motion Analyzer Software

Motion Analyzer software is a comprehensive motion-application sizing tool used for analysis, optimization, selection and validation of your Kinetix® motion control system. This software facilitates the machine design process, letting you quickly design and validate new machine concepts without purchasing or installing physical equipment.

900Builder Software

900Builder Temperature Controller Software

900Builder™ Temperature Controller Software for Bulletin 900-TC32 Temperature/Process Controllers provides a graphic configuration alterative to using the controller's on-board keypad and displays. The 900Builder™ Lite is FREE configuration software for Bulletin 900-TC8 and 900-TC16 Temperature/Process Controllers.

1753 GuardPLC OPC Server Software

GuardPLC Programmable Logic Controller System Software

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC™ OPC Server software lets a Windows®-based PC read data from—and write data to—GuardPLC controllers across the GuardPLC Ethernet network.


1753 RSLogix Guard PLUS! Software

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC Programmable Logic Controller System Software

Bulletin 1753 RSLogix™ Guard PLUS programming software helps you develop and test programs for all of your GuardPLC™ systems. This software is project-based, so you can store programs for multiple controllers in one project. RSLogix Guard PLUS is based on graphical function blocks and supports safety Certified Function Blocks.


1760 PicoSoft Software

Bulletin 1760 PicoSoft Software for Programmable Logic Controllers

Our PicoSoft programming software lets you create, save, simulate, document and transfer Pico™ circuit diagrams to a Pico controller. You can activate a status display of the running circuit diagram and display the parameters of all function relays used. Built-in simulation capabilities let you test the validity of your program before you download it to the Pico controller. PicoSoft Pro programming software offers additional functionality and programming ease for your PicoGFX™ controllers. This software is backward-compatible with standard Pico controllers and lets you establish communication between your PC and your controller.

2098 UltraWARE Software

Bulletin 2098 UltraWARE Software

Bulletin 2098 UltraWARE is software for commissioning your Ultra™ 1500, Ultra™ 3000, Ultra™ 5000 and Kinetix® 3 Servo Drives. This software has a complete set of troubleshooting and diagnostic tools. It is compatible with a variety of drives within our Motion Control family, which simplifies integration and debugging.

9309 Emonitor Software

Bulletin 9309 Emonitor Software

Bulletin 9309 Emonitor® Condition Monitoring Software suite provides predictive maintenance analysis for Allen-Bradley® XM® modules and for Dynamix™ and Enpac® portable data collectors.