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Safety Laser Scanners

Our SafeZone™ Safety Laser Scanners are compact devices that have switchable, configurable field sets (warning and safety). The Safety Configuration and Diagnostic (SCD) Windows®-based software, supplied with each scanner, simplifies the programming of the SafeZone Safety Laser Scanners. A configuration wizard is available to guide the programmer through simple or complex system configurations.

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  • Offers 190° or 270° scan angles
  • Provides 2 m, 3 m, 4 m, or 5 m (6.56 ft., 9.84 ft., 13.12 ft., or 16.4 ft.) safety field ranges
  • Includes configurable resolutions 30...150 mm (1.18...5.9 in.)
  • Provides configurable restart delay
  • Offers horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Includes seven segment display for diagnostic information
  • Offers multiple sampling (2...16 units)

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SafeZone Mini Safety Laser Scanner User Manual 442L-UM005


  • CE Marked for all applicable directives
  • cULus
  • TÜV 

Safety Classification

  • Category 3 EN ISO 13849-1
  • Type 3 DIN EN61496-1
  • SIL 2 IEC 61508
  • SIL CL2 EN 62061
  • EN ISO 13849-1   

Functional Safety Data 

  • PFHD = 9.8 x10-9
  • Mission Time (TM) = 20 years (EN ISO 13849)
  • Suitable for Performance Level PLd (according to ISO 13849-1:2006) and for use in SIL 2 systems (according to IEC 62061)  

Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.

Standards Compliance

  • DIN EN 61496-1: 2009-03
  • DIN EN 61508:2002/2003
  • DIN EN ISO 13849-1: 2008-12

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The Safety Configuration and Diagnostic (SCD) Windows-based software, supplied with each scanner, simplifies the programming of the SafeZone scanners. A configuration wizard guides you through simple or complex system configurations.

Download the SafeZone Safety Laser Scanner software Version 3.0.1

Installing the SCD Software:
1. Download and extract the contents of the ZIP file to a folder on your local drive
2. Run 'Setup.exe'
3. Enter the appropriate serial number: JWNQGU-ZLH7G-9B38F-9JZRF


Presence Sensing Safety Devices Brochure GLSAFE-BR001
SafeZone Singlezone Safety Laser Scanner Product Profile442L-PP002
SafeZone Mini Safety Laser Scanner Product Profile442L-PP003
SafeZone Mini Safety Laser Scanner User Manual442L-UM005
SafeZone Singlezone & Multizone Safety Laser Scanner User Manual442L-UM003
Safety Configuration & Diagnosis Software User Manual442L-UM006
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  • Safety Automation Builder — Streamline safety system design, including safety system layout, product selection, and safety analysis to help meet machinery safety performance level (PL) requirements established by ISO 13849-1.
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The SafeZone™ Safety Laser Scanners support the following applications:

  • Personnel detection in front of a machine or equipment hazards
  • Safety replacement when irregular shaped safety mats are required
  • AGV applications, two warning fields can gradually slow the AGV thus reducing brake wear

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