Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors

Our Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors offer sensing ranges longer than those found in traditional cylindrical housings. Choose from our many styles of rectangular sensors for your welding applications and other environments where strong electromagnetic fields are present.

Bulletin 802PR Rectangular Glass Polyester Limit Switch Style Inductive Proximity Sensors

802PR Limit Switch Style

Bulletin 802PR Glass Polyester Limit Switch Style Sensors are a non-contact alternative to limit switches, housed in a self-extinguishing glass-reinforced polyester body. Special hazardous location models meet Division 2 enclosure standards in Classes I, II, and III.

Bulletin 871F Aluminum Block Washdown Inductive Proximity Sensors

871F Aluminum Washdown

Bulletin 871F Aluminum Block Sensors boast rugged aluminum construction and sensing range of 70 mm. The electronic circuitry is potted for protection against shock, vibration, and contamination, making them an ideal long-range inductive solution for harsh environments.

Bulletin 871F Rectangular Plastic Flat Pack Washdown Inductive Proximity Sensors

871F Flat Pack Washdown

Bulletin 871F Plastic Flat Pack Sensors are ideal for applications where extremely long sensing ranges are required. These models are available in 50 mm shielded and 65 mm unshielded sensing distances with mini and micro connection options.

Bulletin 871FM Mini Flat Pack Inductive Proximity Sensors

871FM Mini Flat Pack Sensors

Our Bulletin 871FM Mini Flat Pack Sensors feature either plastic or metal housing and select models with full stainless steel housing and face to meet demanding application needs. These miniature flat pack sensors are used to sense small parts or may be installed where space is limited.

Bulletin 871L, 872L Rectangular Plastic Limit Switch Style Inductive Proximity Sensors

871L, 872L Limit Switch Style

Bulletin 871L and 872L Plastic Limit Switch Style Sensors are a non-contact alternative to NEMA-style limit switches. Using the same footprint as traditional limit switches, these devices provide mounting interchangeability, easily-wired terminations and rugged construction.

Bulletin 871P Rectangular Inductive Proximity  Sensors for Canning

871P Canning Sensors

Bulletin 871P Rectangular Sensors for Canning are specifically designed for sensing size 202 to 704 metal cans without physical contact. These sensors are tailored for the canning industry in functionality and environmental ratings. Short- and long-range models are available in AC and DC versions. A DC-powered model is available for applications that require can-movement sensing.

Bulletin 871P Rectangular VersaCube Multi-Position Head Inductive Proximity  Sensors

871P VersaCube Multi-Position

Bulletin 871P Rectangular VersaCube™ Multi-Position Sensors are an economical and versatile solution for long-range sensing needs in a convenient, compact package. Weld-field immune models are available with the choice of AC/DC or DC operating voltage. Specific DC weld-field immune models offer equal sensing capabilities for all metals.