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Inductive Proximity Sensors

Our Inductive Proximity Sensors detect metal objects without touching them. This technology is used in applications where the metal object to be detected is within an inch or two of the sensor face. Our sensors can be used in light-duty packaging applications and the punishing environments on automotive welding equipment or the harsh washdowns in food processing plants.

Tubular Sensors

Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensors

Our Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensors are self-contained, solid-state switching devices. They sense the presence of metal objects-ferrous and nonferrous-without touching them.

Rectangular Sensors

Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors

Our Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors offer sensing ranges longer than those found in traditional cylindrical housings. Choose from our many styles of rectangular sensors for your welding applications and other environments where strong electromagnetic fields are present.

Cylinder Sensors

Cylinder Inductive Proximity Sensors

Our Cylinder Inductive Proximity Sensors are used for end-of-stroke sensing of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders or for open/closed indication on power clamps and grippers.

Ring & Slot Sensors

Ring & Slot Inductive Proximity Sensors

Our Ring & Slot Sensors are self-contained, general purpose, solid-state devices. They sense the presence of ferrous and nonferrous metal objects that pass through their sensing field.