Guardmaster 440C-CR30 Software Configurable Safety Relay

Software Configurable Safety Relay

The Guardmaster® 440C-CR30 Software Configurable Safety Relay is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use. This relay is ideal for applications requiring as many as ten dual-channel safety circuits and controlling as many as five output zones. You can configure this relay by selecting certified safety function blocks to rapidly build your applications. This relay is completely integrated with Allen-Bradley Logix controllers and can be configured using Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software or Connected Components Workbench software. The 440C-CR30 relay can share information with the control system through the optional EtherNet/IP plug in module which increases uptime and enables The Connected Enterprise.

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  • Suitable for applications up to PLe, Cat. 4 per ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL3 per IEC 62061
  • Offers 22-point embedded safety I/O
  • Supports as many as two Micro800® Plug-in modules
  • Offers optional Ethernet plug-in module
  • Provides embedded communication via USB programming port and non-isolated serial port for RS-232 communications
  • Includes two single-wire safety input/output points for interlocking between Guardmaster® safety relays
  • Offers optional Ethernet plug-in modules which allow this relay to communicate diagnostic data to a CompactLogix™ or Micro800® controller

Additional Information


Guardmaster 440C-CR30 Configurable Safety Relay User Manual440C-UM001


  • CE Marked for all applicable directives 
  • cULus Listed

Safety Classification 

  • SIL CL3 per EN IEC 62061
  • PLe per ISO 13849-1 

Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.

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Use Connected Components Workbench software with Microsoft Visual Studio to configure your Guardmaster 440C-CR30 Configurable Safety Relays.

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Guardmaster 440C-CR30 Configurable Safety Relay Product Profile440C-PP001
Guardmaster 440C-CR30 Configurable Safety Relay User Manual440C-UM001
Guardmaster 440C-CR30 Configurable Safety Relay Quick Start Guide440C-QS001
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  • Safety Automation Builder — Streamline safety system design, including safety system layout, product selection, and safety analysis to help meet machinery safety performance level (PL) requirements established by ISO 13849-1.
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The Guardmaster® 440C-CR30 Software Configurable safety relays support the following safety monitoring applications:

  • Emergency stops
  • Gate switches
  • Light curtains
  • Muting light curtains
  • Locking gate switches
  • Two-hand control devices
  • Safety mats