Bulletin 700-HTA Alternating Relays

Alternating Relays

Bulletin 700-HTA Alternating Relays serve as interposing relays between your controller and field devices. The alternating feature lets you select the primary or secondary load or to alternate between the two. You can use these relays in applications with pumps, compressors, air conditioning, and refrigeration units.

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  • Operates with one, two, or three control switches such as float switches, manual switches, timing relays, pressure switches, or other isolated contacts
  • Controls 12V, 24V, 120V or 240V AC operation
  • Includes 10 A single- or double-pole output configurations
  • Offers two light indicators that show status of the output relay
  • Includes compact plug-in design that uses existing industry-standard 8- or 11-pin octal sockets
  • Offers optional low profile selector switch to lock in one sequence

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Relays and Timers Technical Data700-TD552


  • CE Marked (per EU Low Voltage Directive)
  • CSA Certified — File No. 223833
  • cULus Listed — File No. E3125; Guide Nos. NLDX/NLDX7 (with 700-HN100, 700-HN101, 700-HN125, and 700-HN126 Sockets)
  • UL Recognized — File No. E3125; Guide Nos. NLDX2/NLDX8)

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Standards Compliance

  • CSA 22.2 No. 14
  • EN 61812-1
  • UL 508

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Bulletin 700 General Purpose, Interposing, Solid-State and Specialty Relays Brochure700-BR018
Bulletin 700-HTA Alternating Relay Product Profile700-PP024
Relays and Timers Technical Data700-TD552
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