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Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

Push buttons and signaling devices include a broad spectrum of operators. We offer IEC and NEMA push buttons, toggle switches, pendant stations, indicator lights, assembled operator stations, and operator station enclosures. Our audible and visual signaling devices include horns, loudspeakers, beacons, strobes, panel light bars and tower stack lights. They help to reduce downtime by signaling breakdowns and material shortages as well as alert operators of hazards.

Push Buttons, 16 mm IEC

IEC 16 mm Push Buttons

Our 16 mm Operators include push buttons and pilot lights, selector switches and rotary operators. We offer round, square and rectangular bezels.

Push Buttons, 22 mm IEC

IEC 22 mm Push Buttons

Our 22 mm line of 800F Operators is designed and manufactured to demanding performance specifications. We use state-of-the-art solid modeling techniques and finite element analysis so that every component built into 800F push buttons is optimized for durability and performance.

Push Buttons, 30 mm NEMA

NEMA 30 mm Push Buttons

Our 30 mm Operators include MaxDuty™ push buttons, push buttons with DeviceNet™, e-stop devices, specialty devices, and assembled stations. We have the accessories and back-of-panel components you need to build your push button including contact blocks, guards, legend plates, selector switch replacement parts, and more.

Push Buttons, Specialty

Specialty Push Buttons

Specialty Operators include status indicators, small pilot lights, and push buttons. We offer 12, 18, and 22 mm status indicators for commercial grade and light industrial applications. Our small pilot lights and specialty push buttons are designed for heavy-duty applications and hazardous locations.

Emergency Operators

Emergency Operators

Emergency Operators include enabling switches and cable pull switches. Our Lifeline™ series includes cable emergency-stop switches and cable actuated emergency-stop switches.



Audible Devices

Audible Devices

Audible Devices include general and high-performance electronic horns, panel mount signaling alarms, and hazardous location horns and beacons.

Visual Devices

Visual Devices

Visual Devices include panel mount Xenon strobes, mini square beacons, panel-mount with selectable steady or flashing light indicators, wall-mount signal lights, panel light bars, industrial round beacons, tower lights, stack lights and panel-mount dual circuit alarms.

Safety Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

Safety Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

Our Safety Push Buttons and Signaling Devices include a variety of emergency stop devices and grip switches that help ensure safe working conditions for personnel. These critical components provide high quality and reliability for your machine and process safety applications.