RSLogix Guard PLUS! Software

Bulletin 1753 RSLogix™ Guard PLUS programming software helps you develop and test programs for all of your GuardPLC™ systems. This software is project-based, so you can store programs for multiple controllers in one project. RSLogix Guard PLUS is based on graphical function blocks and supports safety Certified Function Blocks.

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC Programmable Logic Controller System Software
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  • Provides offline program simulation for testing without downloading program to controller
  • Supports online program monitoring
  • Offers unlimited data tags, program pages and function blocks
  • Lets you create your own application-specific function block instructions
  • Stores programs from multiple controllers in one project
  • TÜV-certified function blocks are available in application-specific libraries
  • Can be installed on local drive only (not on a network drive)
  • Not supported in Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Windows 8 operating systems

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RSLogix Guard PLUS Programming Software Installation Instructions1753-IN006
GuardPLC Controller Systems User Manual1753-UM001
Using RSLogix Guard PLUS! with GuardPLC Controllers Programming Manual1753-PM001
Certified Function Blocks Basic Suite Safety Reference Manual1753-RM001
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