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Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller Motion

ControlLogix Motion

ControlLogix® systems offer Integrated Motion with support for Kinetix® and PowerFlex® drives on EtherNet/IP™ networks, and for Kinetix drives on Sercos™ interface. Select from a range of EtherNet/IP and Sercos interface module options with support for as many as 128 drives per EtherNet/IP module and as many as 16 drives per Sercos module. Analog interface modules are available for drives and actuators with analog interfaces.

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1756 EtherNet/IP™ Communication Interfaces

  • Support Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP via 1756-EN2T and 1756-EN3T interface modules
  • Connect to Kinetix® 350 and Kinetix 6500 EtherNet/IP servo drives and to PowerFlex® 755 AC drives

1756 Sercos™ Interface Motion Modules

  • Support as many as 16 drives via fiber-optic connections
  • Connect to Kinetix® 2000, Kinetix 6000, Kinetix 6200, Kinetix 6000M, Kinetix 7000, and Ultra™ 3000 Sercos servo drives

1756 Analog Motion Modules

  • Cost-effective option for closed-loop or open-loop motion control
  • ±10V analog output-command reference
  • Support a variety of position feedback devices
  • Control up to two axes per module

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Our Integrated Architecture Solutions provide the foundation to drive plantwide optimization efficiently and effectively, enabling you to respond competitively to the economy and changes in consumer demand.



ControlLogix Integrated Motion Modules Specifications Technical Data1756-TD004


Sercos Interface Motion Modules

  • c-UL-us
  • CE
  • C-Tick

Analog Motion Modules

  • UL
  • CSA
  • CE
  • C-Tick

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Use RSLogix 5000 programming software (L6 models) or the Studio 5000 Logix Designer software (L7 models) from Rockwell Software® to design and configure your ControlLogix® or GuardLogix® system.

The controllers and modules you select, along with your network configuration, determine what additional software packages you need to configure and program your system. Additional required software may include RSNetWorx configuration software and RSLinx communication software.

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Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.


Kinetix Accelerator Toolkit BrochureMOTION-BR004
ControlLogix Selection Guide1756-SG001
Kinetix Motion Control Selection GuideGMC-SG001
ControlLogix Integrated Motion Modules Specifications Technical Data1756-TD004
CIP Motion Configuration and Startup User ManualMOTION-UM003
SERCOS and Analog Motion Configuration and Startup User ManualMOTION-UM001
Motion Coordinate System User ManualMOTION-UM002
ControlLogix System User Manual1756-UM001
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