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Universal Remote I/O (RIO) Network

Universal Remote I/O (RIO) Network

Universal Remote I/O Link is a local area network designed to connect controllers to remote I/O chassis and a variety of intelligent devices such as operator interfaces and AC or DC drives.

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  • Local area network designed for factory-floor applications
  • Connects controllers to remote I/O chassis and other intelligent devices
  • Additional products are available from our Encompass™ Partners


  • Universal Remote I/O Interfaces

Encompass Partner Products

Through the Encompass program, our third-party product-referencing program, you can quickly locate the products that best solve your application challenges. Use the Encompass search tool to sort and filter products from best-in-industry suppliers in your region to connect to the Rockwell Automation® architecture, or to use with our products.

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Looking for other industrial network connectivity? Search our Encompass Partner Products database for additional products.


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