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Network Address Translation (NAT) Device

Bulletin 9300 Network Address Translation (NAT) Device

The Bulletin 9300 Network Address Translation (NAT) Device helps you configure multiple machines on a single line to have identical network settings, allowing easy remote support through VPN connection. The NAT device adapts your machines to specific network configurations without requiring complicated, costly, and time-consuming changes. As a result, your control systems with identical settings communicate over Ethernet networks without reconfiguring settings.


  • Simplifies network configuration for control systems that require identical network settings
  • Increases flexibility of mid-range control systems by allowing identical machines to be placed on Ethernet networks
  • Offers the ability to apply consistent configurations to control systems on a network
  • Lets you configure your control system to receive remote support and monitoring, reducing costly on-site service calls
  • Provides OEMs with the ability to offer remote support through VPN connections


  • 9300 Network Address Translation (NAT) Device


  • UL, CUL, ATEX, CE, UL Class 1 DIV 2 Hazardous

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