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DeviceNet Network

DeviceNet Network

The DeviceNet™ Network provides open, device-level control and information networking for simple industrial devices. It supports communication between sensors and actuators and higher-level devices such as programmable controllers and computers. With power and signal in a single cable, it offers simple and cost-effective wiring options.

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  • Cost-effective solution to networking simple devices
  • Allows for seamless bridging and routing between EtherNet/IP™, ControlNet™, and other CIP networks
  • Reduces maintenance costs with diagnostics and automatic device replacement (ADR)
  • Reduces downtime with early detection of system performance problems
  • Supports standard and safety applications on the same wire

Evaluating DeviceNet: Is this the Network for You?

Answer the questions in the three steps below to determine if DeviceNet™ is the right choice for your application.

Step 1: What will you use the network technology to do?

DeviceNet is especially suited for these types of applications:

  • Controlling low-density I/O
  • Configuring devices
  • Motor Control Centers (MCCs)

Step 2. Will your devices connect to DeviceNet?

Be sure your automation devices connect to DeviceNet.

Step 3. Does the technology fit your applications?

Compare the topology, capacity, and performance capabilities of DeviceNet to ensure it is right for your applications.

Topology Trunkline, dropline

Each DeviceNet network supports up to 64 nodes; 62 nodes are available for devices
Most Rockwell Automation controllers support multiple DeviceNet networks

Distances Daisy-chain or branch nodes along droplines up to a maximum of 6 m (20 ft) from the trunk

Learn More 

See the NetLinx Networks Selection Guide [PDF] for more information on selecting a network.

Let our Network & Security Services specialists help you plan, design, implement, and maintain your network to achieve your production and business goals.

Our DeviceLogix Smart Component Technology integrates logic-solving capability into I/O, motor starters, push buttons, and other control components, delivering higher-performance and lower-cost distributed control.

DeviceNet Connected Products

We offer a wide variety of DeviceNet™ Connected Products for your applications. Products have either a built-in DeviceNet interface or connect to the DeviceNet network via an optional communication interface module. We continue our investment in DeviceNet through solutions that help make DeviceNet easier to wire, commission, and troubleshoot.

DeviceLogix-Enabled Products

DeviceLogix™ Smart Component Technology integrates logic-solving capability into I/O, motor starters, push buttons, and other control components, providing higher-performance and lower-cost distributed control.

DeviceNet Media

DeviceNet™ Media includes thick and thin round or flat cable. Round cable, generally used for trunk and drop cable, is available in bulk spools or pre-molded cordsets or patchcords. KwikLink™ flat media systems provide a simple modular cabling method using a flat four-wire trunk cable with Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) that lessen your installation time and materials cost.


NetLinx Networks Selection GuideNET-SG001
DeviceNet Media Design and Installation GuideDNET-UM072
DeviceNet Solutions to Reduce Cost of Ownership and ComplexityDNET-AP001
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