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Bulletin 150 SMC-50 Solid-State Soft Starters

SMC-50 Solid-State Soft Starters

SMC™-50 Solid-state Smart Motor Controllers are available in three frame sizes and range from 180...520 A. This micro-processor based, fully solid-state soft motor starter helps maximize efficiency for motor starts and stops. The SMC-50 motor starter offers many advanced monitoring and protection features to help keep your application running smoothly and ease troubleshooting during downtime. These soft starters are available as part of the Enclosed SMC product family.

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  • Offers 90…520 A range
  • Includes nine standard start modes
  • Offers rated voltage: 200…690V AC
  • Includes three expansion ports to install option modules
  • Provides fully solid-state, continuous SCR control
  • Includes built-in electronic motor overload protection
  • Includes current and voltage sensing on each phase

Additional Information


Use Connected Components Workbench software with Microsoft Visual Studio® technology to program your SMC™-50 Soft Starter products.


Smart Motor Controllers Soft Starters Family Brochure150-BR144
Enclosed Smart Motor Controllers Product Profile150-PP007
Global Short Circuit Current Ratings Product ProfileSCCR-PP003
SMC-50 Solid-state Smart Motor Controller Selection Guide150-SG010
SMC-50 Solid-state Smart Motor Controller User Manual150-UM011
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