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NEMA CENTERLINE 2100 Low Voltage MCC with SecureConnect

NEMA CENTERLINE 2100 MCC with SecureConnect

CENTERLINE® 2100 Motor Control Centers (MCCs) with SecureConnect™ help provide a safer work environment with the ability to disconnect power from the vertical power bus in an individual unit with the door closed. With SecureConnect, you can connect and disconnect unit stabs without having to be exposed to live electrical parts and electrically isolate the equipment that needs servicing without impact to other operating equipment. SecureConnect can be applied to select units or all units in an MCC lineup and can be added to CENTERLINE MCCs with ArcShield™ and IntelliCENTER® technology.

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  • Reduce electrical shock and exposure to harmful voltages
    • Verify removal of power in the MCC unit with a multi-point validation system
    • Two sets of shutters for increased electrical isolation
    • Remote operator allows you to work outside the arc-flash boundary of the MCC
  • Streamline maintenance and reduce downtime
    • Electrically isolates the equipment that needs servicing without impact to other operating equipment
    • Helps eliminate unintended downtime caused by troubleshooting electrical faults
  • Minimal impact to current or future electrical design
    • No impact to space factor of units
    • Apply to select units or all units in MCC line-up
    • Available on standard and ArcShield™ MCC
    • No special tools required

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